Minggu, 27 Desember 2015

Sucker-punch on a Sunday.

I've read about it on other blogs. Heard that it would happen sooner or later. Never actually thought it would happen to me and DEF didn't think it would suck this bad. I actually had to fight with myself to even write about this honestly- but I know that when I am dishonest and cheat (particularly in this journey) I only cheat myself. So here is the big fat ugly truth for the day...

I gained.

Like- a lot.

As I stepped on the scale on Sunday for my weekly weigh in I was truly expecting to see something between a 0 to 1lbs loss but that is defintely NOT what was there. I gained 5 friggin pounds. How does that even happen in one week? As I look back over my food log this week there were defintely a few food decisions that I made that weren't amazing, but 5lbs!?!? C'mon! Seriously?

I know that in the long run this isn't that monumental of a challenge and it isn't going to trip me up in the slightest, but it really does suck! Especially because I thought I did relatively well this weekend (all holiday things considered) and because my Biggest Loser Challenge ends in 4 days and if you read my last post you KNOW how determined I was (and really still am) to win.


But you know what? Oh well. Even though I am not celebrating a weight loss victory today- I am celebrating 3 other non-scale victories that are seriously just as important:

  1. I without a doubt consumed less than 1/2 of the food and calories this holiday weekend than I would have before I decided to change. I seriously used to just eat mindlessly with absolutely no idea, care or concern what I was putting in my body. This weekend- I cared and ate according to plan.

  2. I have begun the beginning phase of introducing exercise into my life (more about this below).

  3. I am moving past my first "setback" more determined than ever and loving myself just as much- not derailed at all.

So I guess all there's left to do for the next 4 days of The Biggest Loser Challenge is to eat grilled chicken salads for lunch and dinner, drink a million gallons of water, and do my new Leslie Sansone indoor walking dvd's for at least an hour every day- oh the joy of being competitive...and needing the money! And hey- maybe the twig girl who is threatening to beat me just completely let loose this weekend and gained all her weight back!!! Uh oh- this is bringing out a not so nice side of me! lol

Speaking of Leslie Sansone...has anyone ever used any of her DVD's? At this point in my journey I am really thinking that a lot of walking combined with some ab and leg excercises is really going to be my best bet- at least for about a month or so- and since Pittsburgh is turning into Antartica, my outdoor walking is probably not going to be a reality for very much longer. Well for Christmas a friend of mine got me this new Leslie Sansone DVD and I'm definitely eager to use it- but I am a little skeptical about whether it will be hard enough to raise my heart rate high enough.

Has anyone had any experience with these DVD's? Love em? Hate em? Tell me!

But I can guarantee no one is as excited about them as she appears to be...

Peace and Love-