Kamis, 24 Desember 2015

Just a little "healthy" competition... :)

This is the face of a woman on the ledge! :)

Alright so check it- I haven't talked about it too much since beginning this blog, but you may have noticed on the right side of the page a section titled "Biggest Loser Challenge #1." This challenge consists of about 20 people who are mostly my friend's family members and some of our random mutual friends who are all in competition to see who can lose the highest % of body weight in 8 weeks (Nov 8th-Dec 31st).

The rules are simple: We all weigh in every Sunday and put our loss/gain on a spreadsheet for all to see (we don't include our actual weight- just the loss/gain amount). Everyone pays in $20 to be a part of the Challenge and whoever has lost the highest % of body weight at the end of the Challenge gets the $ (which is $220) (oh and a gold medal! haha).

Now even though this is my first time joining the challenge and I wasn't really trying all that hard I have been pretty much killing the competition according to our spreadsheet and was SO freakin' excited because I have plans for that $$$! :)

WELL- last night I found out through the moderator of the Challenge that there is one girl who might be beating me because while she has only lost 10lbs (and I've lost 14lbs) she only weighs like 160lbs and well... I don't :) So now... IT IS ON!

This has lit a fire under my butt like no other- no seriously! I really haven't been pushing myself too hard for this challenge because I thought that I would win with little effort (b/c I thought I was winning!) But now- watch out little twiggy girl- because I have a SERIOUS competitive side to me- and she is going down :)

I hope...Could this possibly come at a worse time than Christmas weekend? Oh well- there is no rest for those who could really use the $ and the bragging rights! haha Ok so this means that I have 8 days to lose at least 8lbs if I even want to have a chance at winning.

Now I know I may be receiving some frownie face comments on this and I am a firm believer that if this is a lifestyle change- and it is- that trying to deprive myself or working out like a fiend probably isn't going to work for very long- but it will have to work for the next 8 days! haha

To show you just how serious I am about winning this Challenge, the picture above is me when I was actually out this morning in 18 degree snowy weather walking on Christmas Eve! Now for some people that may not be a big deal but I haven't exercised more than once in this entire 8 weeks (I'll post the reason for that later) but it's crunch time now baby!

Alright friends- have a wonderful and blessed Christmas Eve!

And cheers to some healthy competition!