Rabu, 30 Desember 2015

Solo Dos Dias!

I have got to tell yinz (that's Pittsburgh-ese) that I cannot WAIT until Friday because that will be Day #1 of Project 365!

Today I wanted to lay a quick outline for what you all can expect to see for the next 365 days on this blog and will be unveiled on Friday...

  1. Progress Pics: I will be taking and posting pics of myself after every 20lbs that I lose- I can't say that I'm completely looking forward to this but I know that I'll be happy that I did on Day #365!

  2. Measurements: That's a fun activity for New Year's Eve right? lol I'll be taking all of my measurements on Thursday and posting them for the world to see on Friday- I'll be updating them every ]month]

  3. Goals: Every month I will have a different set of goals that I would like to achieve- these will include goals for weight loss, nutrition, fitness, and other NSV (non-scale victories!) And of course...rewards! I will be writing a post about my January goals tomorrow as well as the goals that I have for the year! Exciting, right? :)

  4. Weigh- Ins: Like most of you, I will be weighing in once a week- on Sundays due to that being the weigh-in day for The Biggest Loser Challenge competition that I am in and will be continuing throughout 2010. At first I didn't really ilke the idea of weighing in on a Sunday (being that the weekends are the hardest time to be good) but it just gives me the extra motivation to not let loose on the weekends.

Well there you have it! This is going to be a year that I will not only remember for the rest of my life but that will change the rest of my life- it is a little scary because I realize now more than ever the consequences of not following through but failure is not an option.

I have a REQUEST for all of you...

During my journey this year I am asking that you make this promise to me: That you will not enable me, coddle me, or tell me that it's okay when you see me not living up to my fullest potential in this journey.

I know when we read each other's blogs and we hear about someone going to a party and "not knowing what happened" until they eat tons of things they never should have and are feeling regretful and bad about themselves that we are all tempted to leave them a comment saying, "It's okay- everyone makes mistakes, you can just try harder next time because tomorrow's another day." But I'm not going to be leaving those kind of comments anymore and I have got to ask you to not write them to me either (not that any of you have thus far!).

And here's why- I am fighting for my life here. I know that sounds dramatic, but it is very very true. This isn't a joke to me and it is certainly not a hobby- I am going to get myself out of this mess this year and having your encouragement and support is going to be so crucial and needed on this journey; however, the real support that we can give eachother doesn't come in the form of allowing someone to consistantly live in a way that is unhealthy for them- it comes by us being there when we want to give up, see the scale not moving, or do make a bad choice and we tell eachother what no one else in our life does tell us...That we can do this and that if we ever want to see change then we have got to make the decision to change because NO ONE can or is going to make these changes for us!

And believe me, I know that I am going to make mistakes on this journey and that I will feel bad about them and definitely blog about it- and I'm not asking for verbal abuse- HAHA- but I do need bloggy friends that will remind me of my goals and will tell me that continually "messing up" isn't going to help me achieve them.

I will make a promise to you all too (if you want!) that I will be there to support you when you do "slip up" by helping you get back on track and reminding you of your strength- not by enabeling you :)

Anyone in for that kind of a support system? :)

Nothin but LOVE!