Rabu, 30 Desember 2015

My 10 Things...

My rockstar gal pal JewliaGoulia tagged me in a fun activity that is going around the blogosphere where if you are "tagged" you are supposed to share ten things in your life that make you happy.

And of course I'm all about fun...and activities....and happiness- so here we go (in no particular order)....

-10 Things That Make Me Happy-

#1- Coffee

As I've talked about on this blog before I seriously LOVE coffee- I have crossed over from even just drinking it for pleasure to actually not being able to function all too well without it (I know, I know, that's not good) but I love everything about it: the way it smells, tastes, even looks- hence my friends and I taking a picture of our Starbucks drinks last summer- nerds! :) But seriously- I have anywhere from 5-10 meetings with people each week and if it is up to me they will happen over coffee! Indeed, coffee is one thing that makes me happy :)

# 2- The Office

I freaking love this show. I remember my bff tried to get me to watch it the first few times I thought it was so stupid and just didn't get why everyone loved it so much until one day after I got my wisdom teeth out and I decided to give it one more shot and watched an entire season, then another, then another and well, needless to say I've seen every episode! To me The Office is kind of like the show Friends, it doesn't matter what episode you happen to catch it is always funny, you always love the characters, and it is just great writing! The Office is a perfect representation of my humor and it makes me happy fo sho.

#3- Planning & Organizing This is a picture of this week in my planner- let me just tell you that an unorganized Tiffany is NOT a happy or functional Tiffany. I don't why this is or where it came from but I am crazy anal about being organized and planned. I mean, there are situations where I'm completely go with the flow but I really do love having my week, house, goals, blog, room, and just life in general in order. Obviously things rarely go as planned but at least I know how they were supposed to go, right? :)

#4- My Friends

My family has never been incredibly stable or healthy so my friends have always played a pretty major role in my life; I am undoubtebly closer to my friends than I am to most of my family members. They are pretty amazing human beings and I love them.

#5- My Job

I currently work bi-vocationally as an Accounting Assistant and an Outreach Pastor. My Accounting job pays the bills and my other job is definitely my calling. I recently moved to the Burgh to help start a church and very few things make me happier than feeding and clothing the homeless, community service projects, and just loving on people which is what I get to do as an outreach pastor. I love it! The picture above is a little girl who just got her face painted at a Fall Festival we put on @ a local coffee shop- isn't she cute?

#6- Blogging

Does this not happen to you all the time? I'll see something yummy or make a new discovery in this journey and I'll automatically think, "Oh! I need to blog about this!" LOL. Truthfully I had some serious doubts about starting this blog; in fact, I had been reading many of your blogs for months before I decided to finally start my own. The reason I was so hesitant wasn't because I didn't like blogging or didn't want to commit to it (I have been blogging now through my other blog for over a year now). It was just that I really didn't want to let anyone down and make all of this fuss about what I'm going to do and then just not do it- but boy am I glad I did. I have met some great people in the few weeks that I've been blogging and it makes me feel not so alone on this journey! Blogging my thoughts and reading yours as well have become a highlight of my day :)

#7- Deep Conversations

I know, I know, I sound like a cheesy personals add but it's true- there are very few things in life that I enjoy more than having deep conversations- or perhaps just any conversation that is meaningful. I am just as much a listener as I am a talker and I get so much satisfaction from talking with people about what's going on in their lives, my life, current events, politics, passions, relationships, faith, philosophy, you name it! People feel that they are close to people through different avenues- gifts, physical touch, etc. and how I feel close to people is by spending time talking about life together :)

#8- My Grandma

My grandma really is my hero. She is the person who raised me and truly loves me unconditionally- I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am in life without her. She definitely is one that makes me smile :)

#9- Games, Games, Games

I am a game fanatic! I love card games, board games, group games, if it's a game- chances are I'm gonna love it (and have to play it a million times!) I don't know what it is about playing games but I get very easily addictive...and competitive :) LOL For example, tomorrow night we are having a NYE party at our house and you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be plenty of catch phrase and mafia for an entire night of fun! LOL

#10- Jesus

My life would not be happy at all without Him. He is my best friend, Savior, and everything really. Before I met Him I was was living my life without any real purpose, I was selfish, and I had aboslutely no hope or joy- I have all of that now and I couldn't love my life more and I know that has everything to do with my relationship with Christ.

The End :)