Kamis, 31 Desember 2015

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

Happy New Year's Eve friends!

I'm not sure if I was retaining water or if it's just a result of my good choices lately but...I lost the 5lbs that I had gained on Sunday!!!

As you know my regular weigh in days are on Sundays (and I'll be weighing in again on Sunday) but I had to weigh in today because it is the final day of The Biggest Loser Challenge Round #1.

My Stats for this Challenge:

Start Date: November 8
End Date: December 31
Start Weight: 352
End Weight: 338
For a total loss of: 14lbs

You can see (on the right) that my goal was to lose 20lbs during this first round so I fell 6lbs short. I had decided that if I had lost 20lbs during the challenge that I would give myself one "free day" of eating whatever I want; but I didn't lose the 20lbs so- NO FREE DAY. Oh well- worst things could happen :)

To tell you the truth I really wasn't being all that serious for the first part of the challenge and combined with Christmas and only working out 3 times- I'll take the 14lb loss! I won't know if I won the challenge until Monday- keep your fingers crossed for me- the winner takes home $220 and a gold medal :) I guess I'd be satisfied with the silver or bronze medal too...this time!

Alright and now let's talk about some Janurary Goals (psst...I'll be sharing my 2010 goals tomorrow!)

Goal #1: Weigh no more than 325lbs on January 31st (A loss of at least 13lbs) I know that this might sound unrealistic but being that I weighw what I do I know that it is not difficult when I put forth the effort to be losing at least 3-5lbs per week.
Reward: Free Day!

Goal #2: Walk 5x's a week for 1 month. For this I will be using the indoor walking program "Walking Away the Pounds" which should have me walking approximately 10-18 miles per week. I know it's that much for some of you frequent 5K'ers but I'm literally coming from not excercising at all so I'm taking small steps. Committing to excercising 5 days a week is a huge commitment for me but I know that it is necessary.
Reward: Get a pedicure :)
Goal #3: Do 2 Strength Training Workouts a week for 1 month.
Reward: The Beck Diet Solution Book. I've heard some good things about this book and am definitely interested in learning more about the cognitive aspect of weight loss.

Goal #4: Track POINTS for a full week. I can't lie- I have a hard time tracking my PTS for a full day let alone a full week! I do really good with breakfast and lunch- but only because I pretty much eat the same thing every day for both meals, but dinner man- it kills me everytime! So I just need to buckle down and be a stickler about getting the POINTS value for everything that goes in my mouth.
Reward: I can buy a health magazine for every week that I successfully track. I luuurrvve reading magazines so this is definitely a big motivator for me!

Goal #5: Try 3 new healthy recipes this month.
1st- Brussel Sprouts- never had em before and you all rave about them so I'm gotta at least try em!
2nd- TBA
3rd- TBA
Reward: Yummy food :)

So there you have it folks! January is going to be a great month! Heck- this is going to be a fantastic year- full of hardwork yes,- but fantastic!

p.s. Tonight I am having a New Year's Eve part-ay at mi casa! Gotta tell you that I'm a little nervous about what kind of choices there will be as far as food goes- even though it's at my place we are doing it pot luck style- I guess I'll just be the one making sure there are lots of healthy options :)

Happy New Years Eve! Be safe and don't get too crazy!