Selasa, 01 September 2015

What I Eat: I'm Not Afraid!

I am definitely a big believer that weightloss is 15% exercise and 85% nutrition- and it has been living by that principle that has helped me lose 121lbs to date (today's weigh in had me at 2lbs down!)

 However, one of the most daunting tasks that has plagued me ever since I started this journey over a year and half ago was the fact that I really don't know how to cook that many meals (especially not nurtitious ones!) nor do I really care to know how- and although I've had to put my big girl pants on and learn how to cook veggies and implement new recipes, I can say that it is possible to lose weight, eat in a healthy way, and not turn into a wannabe-gourmet chef. Please hear me, if clean eating/cooking is your passion and you wouldn't dare consider eating a frozen dinner, MORE POWER TO YOU- but, that's not me and although I knew I would have to step outside of my comfort zone so that my diet didn't consist of all things white, fried, and buttery, I'm losing weight by eating in a way that is nutritious, yet realistic for MY lifestyle which (SHOCKER) often includes eating:

- Healthy Choice Meals
- Drinking Diet Soda
- Putting Creamer in my Coffee
- Enjoying SmartOnes Desserts

Maybe it's silly but for awhile I've been ashamed to admit that I still make those choices a regular part of my diet- as if I ever ate something with preservatives in it the weight would just never leave. I knew from the beginning that what I ate was going to have to change in a MAJOR way (and it HAS!) but I continue to choose my battles according to my priorities and I know that for me, monitoring my daily calorie/carb/fat intake is just what's most important in this journey right now. Ahhh- maybe no one else struggles with having no desire to cook or kick all things preserved/frozen out of their lives and feels guilty about it- but I just needed to get that off my chest and encourage anyone that feels overwhelmed by cooking and what seems to feel like an obligation to become an organic/clean eating/vegan chef/eater that IT'S OKAY, you can still lose weight if you monitor your calories/carbs/fat, keep a strict food journal, and are honest with yourself.

Ok, venting sesh over :)

And because I can be cooking challenged, one of the reasons I enjoy reading blogs is to get healthy meal ideas from other bloggers- I love seeing what you're eating and creating- so I figured I would share what my eats have been this week (yes, I pretty much eat the same thing everyday, for one week- it's what works for me!)- and you've already been warned that none of it is very culinarily impressive :) 

Dinner one night was this yummy salad! (Consisting of: romaine, spring mix, Trader Joe's reduced fat shaved parmesan, slivered almonds, and TJ's cranberry garganzola dressing (LUV!)

Lunch for this week was a new recipe I tried (pat on the back for me!); chicken fried rice! It consisted of: minute brown rice, egg whites, white meat from a rotisserie chicken, 1 bag of mixed veggie steamers, lots of garlic and garlic powder, and lite sodium soy sauce. 280 calories for a 1 1/4 cup serving! Here's an up close shot:
Nothing super fancy, but I was definitely impressed with myself and it was YUMMY. Next time I plan on trying to make a Vietnamese version with Jasmine rice and coconut milk.

This was one of my snacks this week (I usually eat 2 per day); Trader Joes pretzel slims (23 for 110 calories), with a serving of TJ's garlic hummus. Yum!

My dinner from last night: Lean Cuisine 4 cheese frozen pizza (with some mushrooms I added) and a diet Arizona green tea. 

I've just gotta keep it simple. Right now I'm staying within a 1500 calorie budget and plan to move it down to 1400 by the end of September. So, what about you guys- have any of you struggled with not caring to learn to cook or just not having the experience? Are frozen meals still a part of your diet? Psst- there's no shame if you have totally kicked them out either! 

Alright- that's all for me today! Hope everyone is kicking butt! Oh- and if you haven't gotten a chance to check out my Israel Blog Site- please do! Especially because the rest of the MULA is due today and I still have a wayyyyyyys to go! :) You can visit it at:

Peace out ya'll!