Selasa, 01 September 2015

Days #242 & #243: WI & Much Needed Encouragement :)

Well, as expected (and talked about in my previous post) today's weigh in was pretty much what I expected:

Last Week's Weigh In: 298lbs
Weigh In's Throughout the week: Fluctuated around 300-301
Today's Weigh In: 299lbs

I swear, if it takes EVERYTHING I have (and it looks like it will), I will be below 298lbs next Wednesday!

I am thrilled to be seeing September! Not only because Fall is my FAVORITE season, but because I'm ready to say goodbye the slow weight loss that I saw this summer and hello to the kick-butt Tiffany I know I am and hopefully some really good weight loss numbers that will correspond.

Anyways, something pretty cool happened to me yesterday and I'm just delighted to share it all with you:

So I began the job that I am currently at at the beginning of April and probably haven't seen more than a 10lb weight loss since I've been there (corellation? haha) but needless to say, my co-workers really have no idea that I used to be 50lbs heavier than I currently am.

WELL...yesterday one of my co-workers stopped me and said that they had found (via facebook) the website for the outreach ministry I run and couldn't believe how different I look now from the pictures that are on the website.

Being that most days lately I struggle with even feeling like I've accomplished anything in regards to weight loss this was a nice pick me up and a reminder that I HAVE accomplished a lot. Sure, I'm not done- but I've certainly put a dent in it.

See ya'll tomorrow- gonna be sharing some new goals for the month of September :)