Senin, 17 Agustus 2015

Day #222- #228: Learning to Celebrate! :)

Morning ya'll!

Today was weigh in day and the result was: no loss, no gain. No worries though- this has just fueled my fire to see a loss next week. I have finally come to a place where I am not worried when I don't see the kind of results I'd like to see because I know that I WILL get to my goal and live the life I want. I don't have any doubts any more.

There are; however, days when I feel as though because of the pause in my progress that I've never even made any- as if the 54 pounds I've lost don't matter. Well, I'm reminding myself that that is a lie by sharing some pics! I'm still 6 pounds away from my next progress picture but this past weekend while perusing through some old pics with my roomie I was reminded of just how far I've come when I found some pics of me 50 pounds ago and compared them with some pics that were taken this weekend. This is my way of learning to celebrate the changes I've made even though I've not arrived at where I'm going just yet :)

Example #1: The pic on the left is probably the catalyst that made me change my ways- this picture was taken for the staff pictures on my church's website and everytime I look at it I just get sad; it represents being trapped in a prison to me. The pic on the right was also a staff picture for our church (taken for another reason) just 2 weeks ago- I was happy to not cringe when I saw it this time around! By the way- when I lose 100lbs, I'm going to make them put a new pic up on the website :)

Example #2 : The pic on the left is also one of the few "wake up call" pictures I have- again, the thought that comes to mind is the word "trapped;" I was trapped inside that body. The pic on the right is one that I'm still not completely happy with- the word that comes to mind when I see this one is "in progress"- I'm by no means finished, but progress is being made.

It is still pretty difficult for me to even picture what I will look like when I hit my 2010 goal of weighing 252 (a 100lb loss) and even more incomprehinsible what I will look like when I hit more overall goal of weighing 175lbs (a 177lb loss) because I don't remember even what age I was when I weighed 250...or 175- I was certainly not an adult. I feel like I'm unwrapping some sort of present!
Alright- I'm going to peace out for now, I'm really excited about tomorrow's post though...and you should be too! :)
Take steps forward today!