Sabtu, 22 Agustus 2015

Changes that Change has Brought:

Hello there!

Wow, I feel like life is flying by! Not only because I feel like I just posted last week and it was more like last month but also because now that I've been on this journey for awhile I'm beginning to see some repeat yearly events coming and it's crazy to look at pics of myself at them last year compared to this year. Last year I destinctly remember posting pics from when my friends and I went to the Pirate game and thinking, "Wow, I'm looking really good!" and now I look at them and think, "Wow, I was really big!" See what I mean?

Right now I am officially down 119lbs (weighing in at 233lbs) and I'm truthfully beginning to reap some of the benefits and seeing many changes that come from having lost 119lbs- some that I was hoping for and are a bit more expected and other's not so much. Today I thought I'd share what some of these things with ya:

- One of the more obvious changes has had to do with clothes. I'm still generally shopping in the plus size section but instead of wearing the biggest size jeans available, I'm now comfortably wearing something around a size 18 pant and I don't really fit in any plus size shirts at all. I wouldn't say that anything has dramatically changed with my wardrobe as of yet other then that I'll actually wear short sleve shirts nowadays (still haven't quite made it there on the sleeveless tops although I'm sure I'll get there); I've also become just a tad more bit comfortable wearing dresses as showcased in this dress I wore to my bff's rehearsal dinner for her wedding:
I mean dresses definitely are still not my first pic but I'm a bit more comfortable showing my legs these days- although shorts will definitely NOT be happening anytime soon! Things I'm still looking forward to in this area with these last 40-50lbs: Wearing sleevelss tops, wearing shorts, and eventually feeling comfortable wearing a swimsuit- not sure how but I somehow avoided having to wear a swimsuit at all this summer!

- Another change has to do with the opposite sex. To put it bluntly I don't really ever remember any guy that wasn't some perv ever really expressing interest in me during my adult life; while I find this kind of sad I also know that it kept me out of a lot of trouble during my earlier years which I'm thankful for. Particularly recently, this has begun to change. I wouldn't say that it's non-stop but the fact that I've been asked out twice in the last week or so is a definite difference from how things were before. I remember always thinking that it was shallow and ridiculous for a guy to not be into me just because I was overweight but I now see things very differently. I still don't think that it's okay for someone to base their feelings for you purely based off of physical appearance but I now know that for someone to be 150+lbs overweight is evidence that there are some deeper issues that I can understand not being attractive to someone. In fact, I'm not sure how I would feel about dating someone who wast that overweight- obviously there could always be an exception but I want to marry someone that is going to make me better and that I can truly enjoy life with- not watch them slowly kill themselves with food.

- Extra skin. This is a topic that I'll be addressing more here in the near future but I've found out that having saggy loose skin is an unfortunate reality that comes along with losing an excessive amount of weight. From what I've seen everyone's body is different and it handles losing weight differently- someone may hardly have any lose skin while someone else may have an excessive amount. Again, I'll be talking about this more here in the very near future :)

- One of the changes that seem to sneak by all too easily is just how much easier the little things in life are. It has only been recently that I've had to force myself to remember how difficult turning over in bed had become, or tying my shoes, or fitting in chairs, or finding clothes that fit. Now that I've lost 119lbs I'm able to ride in an airplane with extra room in the seatbelt instead of having to use an extender, walk distances without getting winded, and just go through life without the extra struggle. In short, I feel more normal.

What are some of the great/unexpted changes you've encountered or are hoping to encounter as you go along your journey?