Minggu, 23 Agustus 2015

A Pre-Wedding Wake Up Call

Well helllooooo!

The past few months have been amongs the busiest of my life- I guess that's to be expected as I've been organizing to move, planning my wedding, preparing our new house to be moved into, had a major change in my position at work, have had some significant health problems and trying to maintain all the other necessities of life. I'm not going to blabber on but I'll just keep it short- life has been a bit overwhelming at times but thank goodness, there is a light at the end of the tunnel because...my wedding is only 15 days away!!! Whew am I excited- I'm ready to be done with the planning, the tasks, the $ spending and ready to just be married to this amazing man:

Let me be honest, it has been very hard to continue losing weight over these past couple months. I am currently weighing in at 186lbs (a total loss of 166lbs) and while I know that may seem impressive, I've been messing around with these 6 pounds for almost two months now, and not because the scale just won't budge, but because I've slipped into mediocrity.

You probably won't hear this from many bloggers but I'm going to be very honest. It was much easier for me to continue pushing myself to food prep like a mad woman, say no to greasy food & desserts and workout 5x's per week when I was single & was horrified by my weight. I was able to put all of my focus on losing weight and getting healthy & now my attention is split 10 different ways and healthy living has had to take somewhat of a back seat.

We will all go through busier/crazier seasons in life when we literally CANNOT get to the gym or food prep the way that we would like but it's important that we are honest with ourselves enough to say that being busy or not having the time to work out doesn't give us license to eat a blizzard or stuff our face with chips and salsa.

For the first time in my almost 3 year journey, I found myself over the last 4 months or so making excuses and just put simply- not giving my best. I'm okay with the fact that weight loss and health isn't in my top 3 of priorities anymore as some really amazing things have come into my life that now take a higher priority, but that doesn't mean that I should be okay with living below what I deserve.

Yesterday was somewhat of a wake up call for me. I finally accepted that if I continue to live the way I'm living that I'm going to end up gaining weight back and I WILL NOT ALLOW that to happen. Mark. my. words. I deserve more. I can do better because I ALREADY HAVE done it. 

I'm finished with the excuses, I'm finished with the complacency & I'm finished not moving toward greatness. 

My goal is to weigh no more than 180lbs on my wedding day & I'm gonna give my all to get there. It's not where I want to be but it's not where I am either. 

Next week I've already made a plan and shopping list to get myself away from the sodium filled/processed/carby foods I've been eating and introducing veggies & fruits back into my life. I'm sure there will be some sodium withdrawls but oh, well- I'm moving on and moving forward. 

To leave you on a lighter note; here's a pic of my and my bridesmaids (minus 1) at my wedding shower in June :) 

Enough about me. How are y'all doing??? Looking forward to checking out your blogs today- it's been too long!