Selasa, 09 Juni 2015

Moving from HOPING to KNOWING.

Guess what??? I'm alive!!!

I've been missing posting & reading your blogs as well- between trying to move to a new apt & a few other things, life has been full & a bit turbulent. One of the great things I've been up to happened this past weekend when I attended my best friends wedding shower! After not seeing her for a year, it was such a blessing and just what I needed. This is the dress I'll be wearing in her wedding this coming August- isn't it so super cute!?!?
I'm hoping to lose another 15lbs before her wedding the first week of August so needless to say I'm doing my best to tear the scale apart! In fact, here's this week's weigh in:
Last Week: 252lbs
This Week: 247lbs (-5lbs)
Total Loss: -105lbs
Pounds to next progress pic: 3lbs

And now, it's time to get real with ya'll:

Now that I'm continuing this journey past a 100lb loss, things have definitely changed. Since beginning this journey over a year ago, I was able to focus like a laser beam on my long term goal- to lose 100lbs- I knew I had to lose at least that and it was still a pretty lofty goal so that's what I was going for. Now that I've achieved that goal (which I am still just amazed by), I kind of find myself a little...directionless. I mean, it's obvious that I still have weight to lose- about 70 more pounds I'm guessing, but it's just kind of weird because I've never been as small as I am and truthfully have NO CLUE what I am even hoping to look like after 70 more pounds.

I talked this over with my beloved trainer JZ this past Sunday during our tri-weekly (is that even a word??lol) training session and he said something that I believe is absolutely true; he said, "Tiff- you know you can lose these 70lbs, you've already lost that + 30 lbs- these last 70lbs though will require more mental than physical effort." I guess, in short I find myself back to wondering...can I really get to a place where I am nowhere near being obese or overweight? That one day I can be completely... normal? I think somewhere deep down I always knew I could lose 100lbs, but I guess I need to take time to really focus and come to KNOW that I can do and be ANYTHING with God's strength coupled with my obedience & effort.

Everything that I've always dreamed about and never really knew if it was possible is within my reach and is even coming into reality even now and I know that I'm worth it, that I deserve it, and that I can do it.