Rabu, 01 April 2015

No Turning Back Now...

5K Progress: 

Well, I guess it's finally official...

I'm running a 5K in two weeks....yikes...wow...this is going to be awesome...and scary. 

After almost giving up running altogether after my knee started popping very loudly (no pain) every time I went upstairs, I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for this 5K even if it means my legs will fall off (okay, perhaps I'm being just a bit dramatic); but honestly, I've been working too hard, come too far & want this too bad to give up  now. So, after my hubby asked for permission to run it with me and I gave it some thought, we both signed up & will be running the Pittsburgh Pirates 5K Home Run race in just 2 short Saturdays from now...yikes! 

I am currently only on Week 6 Day 2 of the program so not quite on track but I have a feeling I'll be okay; I truly can't believe that I can run for 10 minutes straight.

I know that is nothing to some people but it is A LOT to this girl who remembers feeling like my heart was going to beat out of my chest when I ran for 30 seconds once! Seriously, it has been the strength of Christ in me that has caused me to keep going and even more, truly like (I don't know that I'm at love yet) running. 

So, the next two weeks hold lots of training & preparation for the race. Some things I'm still looking into picking up pre-race: 

  • A good sports bra 
  • A water hydration belt
  • Some energy chews/gu
Anyone have any good recommendations on products like these? 

I don't want to over complicate running with thinking I need all of these crazy gadgets because I know you really don't and I realize I'm not running a marathon or anything, but I do want to be as prepared as possible. 

Please be praying for me during these next two weeks- for COURAGE & FAITH more than anything else- I didn't let fear hold me back at 352lbs and I'm certainly not going to let it at 156lbs! 

Weekly Weigh In: 

That's right, I'm only 6lbs away from my "low goal weight" (I'd like to keep a 5lb happy weight range of 150-155lbs). So I'm down 1lb from last week! And perhaps even more exciting than losing that pound? 

I can hardly believe my eyes when I look at this picture. It really says size 8... and not a size 28 like it used to. When I stopped by Gap to pick up some new work pants as my size 12's were making me look like I crapped my pants, I was worried that even a size 10 would be too tight but eventually I settled into a freaking.fracking.size 8! What? I didn't even know my hip bones could fit into an 8!? 

You can bet your bottom dollar that I was doing an inner victory dance in that dressing room. Numbers have never really meant that much to me and I'm still not going to be tied down by them as I'm sure in many other stores I may still be a 12, but this was definitely a moment that caused me to sit back and just say..."wow." 

Cooking Adventures: 

I am really enjoying learning to cook. It's something that D and I share the responsibility of and delight in doing for one another and we are at about equal levels of skill. Since getting married almost 7 months ago (dang is time flying by), I've made some good dishes but nothing that made me want to lick the plate...until last week when I made this: 

Chicken Artichoke & Pesto Amazingness: 

Oh.my.goodness was this delicious! Essentially it's chicken with lots of yummy artichokes, a spinach pesto & cherry tomatoes- I snagged the recipe from here. You could put this atop some brown rice or ww pasta but hubby and I enjoyed it all by itself and it was filling and SO freaking yummy! I think this will be making a reappearance in the coming weeks! 

I also whipped up some greek chicken salads for lunch last week & despite a slight homemade salad dressing snafu (I don't suggest using Greek yogurt in your salad dressing unless you like to put something that looks like vomit on your salads), it was exactly what I was hoping it would be; I just used some balsamic chicken from Trader Joes, romaine, feta, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers & red onion- fresh and delicious! 

Has anyone tried any good recipes that just made you want to lick your plate lately? If so, please share! 

Easter Happenings: 

For us, it feels like Easter has been going on for a lonnnnng time since we've been helping out at community Easter Egg hunts for the last two weekends (our church & one of our "sister churches" put on egg hunts for the families in their communities every year) & it was great fun! 

Two weekends ago D & I served up over 300 hot dogs (as you can see reflected in his aviators! haha) and although it is still freeeeeeeeezing here in PA, we had a great time. 

This past weekend the weather was so much nicer & we had over 500 people from our community come out and enjoy the festitivies. This was our 4th annual "BIG HUNT" and it's pretty crazy to see my weight loss progression as I've been in pictures at each of them. 

4 Years Ago: 

3 Years Ago: 

2 Years Ago: 
Can't seem to find...Grrrr! 

This Year: 

Honestly, there's not a whole lot I can do after looking at those pictures other than give glory to God. What He has given me the freedom from in these past years has been nothing short of a miracle that has changed my life in countless ways. 

If you have what seems like a mountain of weight loss in front of you to lose, know that THROUGH Christ, all things are possible. Oh yeah, and a lot of hard work that HE gives you the strength to do. 

Have a great week everyone!