Rabu, 01 April 2015

Monthly Evaluations, New Goals, & Bob Harper in my Living Room!

Hey yo's!!!

Can you believe it, 2 posts from me in one week!?!? I know- apparently miracles do still happen!

Well, it's the 1st day of April which means it's time for me to evaluate how I did on my March goals as well as set my new ones for April. Side note: Setting small goals has helped me enormously on this loooonnnng journey- it allows for me to see my progress and motivates me to keep going while I'm still waiting to reach my overall goal.

My March Goals Were:

- #1: Do New Fitness Routine As Planned:

* Interval Strength Training: 3x's Per Week
* Strictly Cardio Training: 2x's Per Week
* 2 Days of Rest
Result: This goal kind of changed mid-month. I've been meaning to post about the major changes that have been taking place with my fitness but just haven't had the time. While I'll save all the updates for another post, I will say that I've been working out at least 4-5x's every week which is much improved from the 3x's I was formerly doing it.
#2: Try a Spin Class!
Result: This didn't happen- not because of fear or anything but simply just because March was a very hectic month for me and the night that I would typically be doing spin, I've been going to Zumba.

#3: Weigh No More Than 260lbs on March 31st! (Total loss of 92lbs).
Result: Well, this clearly did not happen as I currently weigh 269lbs. What am I going to do about it? Stay tuned to my next post where I will be going over what changes I'm making to both my nutrition and fitness (go ahead, call me a tease!)

Overall, not super stoked about March. I made a lot of mental breakthroughs which I know will matter more in the long run than any breakthroughs on the scale.  Needless to say, I have much higher hopes for the month of April...

My April Goals Are:

#1: Be in the 250's by 4/30/11 (so lose at least 10 pounds): I can't believe how close I am getting to losing 100lbs...probably because I feel like I've been playing with the same 2-4 lbs for forever now. Oh well, play as I may, I will get there!
#2: Try either a spin class or rock bottom class: I need variety and to be challenged- hence, trying new classes!
#3: Run for 3:00 minutes straight: Wowzer will this be a big deal for me! Since I began this journey running even for 30 seconds has been a challenge for me. So far the longest I have ever run solidly is 1:30 so definitely going to be pushing myself past the limits I have in my mind!
So there we have it! April, watch out!

On a final note, I recently picked up this baby last weekend:

Except I picked up the 25lb kellebell...it's probably a bit too heavy for me right now but instead of buying a 15lb'er now and then needing to buy a 25lb one in just a month or so. As you can see in the pic, the package includes: a kettlebell & a 30 minute workout DVD w/ the master Bob Harper himself! (FYI: I majorly heart Bob!). Anyways, so before trying out the DVD I decided to read some online reviews and was kind of disappointed to read on That'sFit.com that apparently the workout was far to simple and only for beginners. Well, I decided that I could go for a light strength training workout yesterday after doing the elliptical for 45 mins and um...screw you That'sfit.com because there is NO WAY it is only for beginners! Sure, it's understandable that I could barely get through the workout (read: didn't get through it!) but even the girl on the dvd who looked like a muscular beast was struggling.

Needless to say, if you are looking for a GREAT combo strength training/cardio workout, you should DEF pickup a kettlebell and Bob's DVD.

So, I ask: Has anyone else ever worked out w/ this DVD?

Have a GREAT weekend everyone- I don't know about you- but I'm planning on being tough as nails with my choices this weekend- let's do this!