Minggu, 05 April 2015

Day #95: Tiffany the Tantrum Thrower!

Hi Friends!

Ah, it's everyone's favorite day- Mondays!! Lol- not! Actually, Monday's haven't been so bad for me lately because I've been at my new job now for an official week and I'm happier professionally now than I've ever been. I work with a hardcore (and rough) bunch and it's sure to be a challenge but it will be fulfilling and that's all that matters to me.

I am excited to share that April is going to be the best month that I've had yet. As you all know, I have been so frusterated with the decisions that I've been making lately and things that were so easy for me to do previously, have recently because so hard...I have literally been almost frusterated to tears with myself about this and I've been beating my head against the wall trying to find out what in the world triggered this series of bad decisions and temptations to revert back to my old ways...and then it hit me!

Have you ever watched Super Nanny with that English lady named...Jo I think? Well, when she is speaking with the parents of the rotten kids she explains to them that it is simply not enough just to write out new rules or even tell the children that they are expected to abide by a new set of house rules, but that the kids will actually truly know that there is a new sheriff in town when they try and go against the new rules and the parent follows through on what they said. Why is this? Because the kid has probably heard their parent say time and again, "Alright, I'm not going to take this behavior anymore!" or "If you do this again, it's time out for you!" But then out of frusteration, lack of education, or lack of preparation, the parent does not follow through with their plan/threat and the child wins.

Well ladies and gentleman, I am the child that has been trying to buck the system! You see, for the past 4 months I have been the parent that is desperately trying to define and implement a new way of life, and for the most part I have been successful. BUT all of a sudden, the spoiled rotten child inside of me realizes that these new "rules" don't always jive with what I want and I've been "testing" my resolve to see whether I am really going to stick to my guns or not.

I know this might sound a little crazy to some, but I know, for me, it's a fact. How I've been behaving the past 2 weeks has simply been the old, fat, undisciplined Tiffany trying to see if the new, healthy, determined Tiffany is going to stick to her guns. And sadly, I've allowed the old Tiffany's tantrums and fits to get the best of me at times, but guess what? It ain't happening any more! I see what's going on here and no matter how much the old Tiffany wants to kick, scream, and beg for pizza- I'm sticking to what I know is best.

And how should the new Tiffany respond to this trantrum throwing? The same way that any parent is supposed to respond when their child is freaking out about the new rules that have been implemented:
- 1: Remain calm. Don't fret just because the tantrum (or temptation) is happening. Recognize that because the old rules were the protocol for so long, it is understandable for there to be some discomfort and despair when the new ones take precedence.
- 2: Stay consistant. If you give in just because a tantrum is being thrown you are showing a mixed message; stay consistant and sooner or later the child will learn that you mean business and that the new rules are here to stay.
- 3: Be Creative. Come up with ways that can help the rough transition become less painful.

Not sure if this makes sense to anyone else, but it has helped me to recognize what is really going on as well as not be too hard on myself. It's ok and understandable that these last few weeks have been rough- but now that I understand that this was just my old self with her habits and ways that she loved trying to see if she can sneak back in, I'm simply closing the door to that possibility and the new Tiffany is setting up shop for good!

Hope this helps someone else!