Sabtu, 04 April 2015

Day #93 & #94: Weigh In, Measurements, and Easter!

Ahhh weigh in day...

As it would probably be pretty obvious from my last few posts, today's weigh in was not great. In fact, I'm pretty shocked overall.

Last Weeks Weigh In: 310
This Weeks Weigh In: 314
Result: 4lb gain

There's really not much that I'm going to say about that other than, it won't be happening again. I've seen what happens when I don't give this journey my very best and I don't like that outcome, so I'm going make decisions that will lead me to the outcome that I do want- plain and simple.

I also wanted to give a quick update on my measurements for the month of March...overall I saw a difference of 9 inches!
Biceps: Feb- 21'' Mar- 20''
Forearms: Feb- 11.5'' Mar- 11.25''
Neck: Feb- 15'' Mar- 14.5''
Chest: Feb- 49.5'' Mar- 48.5''
Stomach: Feb- 47'' Mar- 46''
Hips: Feb- 57'' Mar- 54.5''
Thighs: Feb- 35.5'', Mar- 34.5''
Calves: Feb-20'' Mar- 20.25

Total Loss for March: -9 inches!
Total Loss from January: -30 inches!

Today I'm just a bit over talking about #'s and such though, I'm ready to start a new week/month tomorrow and will be sharing my April goals very soon!

I did want to say thank you to Kyle and to all the others who have been awarding me with some sweet blog awards- I promise I will get to them ASAP!

Thought I'd leave you all with some pics from an event yesterday that I put on in the community where we will be planting a church in June! We had an Easter Egg Hunt for the community and over 600 people turned out- it was pretty unbelievable! Hope you enjoy the pics!

There were over 7,000 eggs and 21,000 pieces of candy...whew! lots of work!

I couldn't believe all of the people that showed up!

The kids were so stinkin' cute when they were hunting!

It was great weather and I definitely got a sunburn!
Me with the Easter Bunny! :)

Here's to tomorrow being the start of a week where the all prioritize ourselves and our health- I'll be giving it ALL I've got this week!