Minggu, 19 April 2015

Day #108 & #109: A Weird Weigh In

T'was a weird weigh-in indeed...but a FANTASTICALLY weird weigh-in!

Why was it weird do you ask? Well, since when does not going to the gym 1 time the whole week= a 7lb loss?!? MMmmmm hmmm.

Since I knew that I wouldn't be making it to the gym very much last week I was sure to weigh myself numerous times so that if the scale did start to creep up I would know to be extra careful with my food intake, and surely all week long the scale keep dipping lower and lower and lower.

Isn't it just a kicker that on the weeks that we push it SO hard in the gym we can see little or no improvement on the scale, but then a week comes where you aren't able to work out at all and then experience a humongously awesome loss like this!? Ahhh..I'm not even gonna try and figure this one out- but I should mention that I did eat pretty darn flawlessly all week. I'm just accepting it with joy :)

I really can't tell you how much I needed this weigh in- not because I haven't had one like it in a while, but because I was almost beginning to believe that my body was broken or something and that I was never going to weigh any less than 312- but this proved to me that my body IS cooperating and changing!

Last Week's Weigh In: 311lbs
This Week's Weigh In: 304lbs

Meaning...total pounds lost thus far= 48lbs!!!

Wowzer. I. am. HAPPY :) I cannot believe that I am only 2lbs away from losing 50lbs (my half way mark) and even CRAZIER is that I'm only 4lbs away from being under 300- which is something I still have a hard time believing will ever happen.

One foot in front of the other :)

Thanks for continuing to follow me along this journey!