Selasa, 21 April 2015

Day #110 & #111: Grocery Store Diaries

Hey Kids!

So it's actually been awhile since I've shared exactly what it is that I'm eating and what "plan" I follow- and since I had a follower ask that I elaborate on the subject, I intend to do that with my next few be sure to stay tuned! :)

Well on the subject of food, yesterday I was in dire need of a trip to the grocery store and I decided that it was a prime opportunity to check out the grocery store that so so many swear by as being the healthy food mecca- Whole Foods. In case you have never been for a visit to Whole Foods, it's basically a pretty sweet grocery store entirely dedicated to organic foods. Well, I hadn't ever actually gotten a chance to go since beginning this journey and since I have some crazy affinity for grocery shopping, I was pretty much beside myself! I usually buy most of my groceries from the beloved Trader Joe's, but I'm always up for some change!

Look, I even took a picture of the outside of the store on my way in! lol
The verdict? Sorely disappointed!!!

Seriously!! Can you believe that I actually walked out of the store with nothing!?

First off, everything there is RIDICULOUSLY overpriced! Seriously, a small container of hummus that costs almost $5, an $2 advocado, $8 peanut butter? I mean, I know that it supposedly costs more because it is organic and sometimes gluten free, but I truthfully just don't really care enough about that stuff enough to cause me to pay double (or triple) the amount that I would pay anywhere else! I was literally in shock of how much more people are paying for the items there! At Trader Joes, I find that almost everything is reasonably priced, most of it even cheaper than what I find at the regular grocery store (which here in PA, happens to be Giant Eagle) lol. You still get cool, creative, healthy food at TJ's without paying a high status price.

Secondly, everytime I go to TJ's I am in awe of how nice all of the crew members are! Seriously, they are always so pleasant and helpful and the employees of Whole Foods were snobby and acted like you pretty much didn't exist. And maybe I'm being stupid but it seemed like even the customers were kind of...hoity was weird in general.

So, in short- this girl will be sticking with Trader Joes! :)

What do you guys think? Are ya'll big Whole Foods fans? Any faithful TJ'ers out there?