Selasa, 03 Maret 2015

Losing Control- In a GOOD Way.

Why the face?? Well, most of you should recognize this face as that of a person who is not so excited about the lack of progress on the scale. See? I knew you'd recognize it.

Last Weeks WI: 270
This Weeks WI: 270
Result: No loss/No gain

I actually can't really complain- and after the last few days I've had, I was just happy not to see a gain and NOT because I haven't been eating well (b/c I have!) but because I haven't worked out since Sunday. Why haven't I worked out since Sunday? Because for the last 3 days I haven't even been able to walk (let alone sit down, go up/down stairs, get out of bed) without intense pain. 

What's causing this pain? JZ. No, I'm not talking about the rapper- JZ is my old friend/newfound trainer.

Here's how the story goes:

In the earlier days of this blog I talked about how I really don't like to tell very many people about my weightloss journey- now if they ask, I'll certainly tell them but it's something that is personal & although it may sound rude, I really just don't want the opinions of people regarding what I should/shouldn't be doing/eating/etc., unless I'm asking for them. It can easily get overwhelming when everyone shares an idea of what works/what doesn't and that makes my perfectionist mind just want to quit since I don't know who or what to believe and don't want to do something wrong. Can anyone else relate?

Well, I recently became good friends with someone (aka JZ) who runs multiple women's bootcamps here in the Pittsburgh area and although we're good friends- I never decided to tell him about my weight loss journey- mostly because it just never came up and I wasn't really sure what would come of it. WELL, the other day the subject finally did come up and after I told him I've lost 82lbs, he seemed kind of surprised/offended that I hadn't told him this earlier because he would be more than happy to help me reach my future goals and wanted to talk more about what I had been doing regarding fitness.

My initial reaction- fear. Not because I was afraid of him or the workouts he might make me do- but a fear of losing control of this journey. Since the begining I've been the person guiding my weight loss, deciding what I could/couldn't do physically and it honesetly freaked me the heck out and almost into a panic to think of letting someone else begin to decide those things for me.

Last Saturday we sat down and talked just about everything having to do with my journey- most of it having to do with my thinking (which he knows (and I agree) is really what success rides on), but also my nutrition (which we both agree is on point), and then my workouts. After talking about fitness for over an hour- I felt like my world had been completely turned upside down- SO much of what I thought was true about working out and how our bodies work in regards to weight loss is simply not true. In my next post I will be sharing the details of my new fitness routine and how I'm having to unlearn almost everything I "knew" but for now know that after our first training session this past Sunday, my legs almost gave out on me when I was leaving down the stairs!

And, needless to say I have been more sore these past 3 days that I have EVER been in my life and per my research- even if I had wanted to work out, I shouldn't as my muscles had clearly not repaired themselves yet. Anyone else have any thoughts/info about working out when you're sore?

Anyhoo, I am SO excited to begin exercising again tomorrow (today will be my last day of rest as there is still a twinge of pain) and to see how my results change as I will be drastically changing my fitness routine. Again, I'll be sharing lots of info about this with you all soon enough- just want to get one week & one weigh in first!

Have a great rest of the week & weekend ya'll- and remember- everytime you say NO to something you are craving or tempted by- you are saying YES to yourself (& vice versa)- just a little tip for the day! :)