Senin, 02 Maret 2015

Day #60 & #61: Measurements!

Wow- what a long.crazy.ridiculous.hectic day yesterday was!

Most of the ensuing craziness was due to the job situation- having 2 jobs being offered to you is definitely not a bad problem to have- but it can definitely be a problem. Hopefully this will all be sorted out by the end of the week ... I'm just trying to do the right thing for me without completely screwing anyone else over. Ah- life.

Yesterday I was able to take my monthly measurements and here were the results... remember I really started in November but didn't start taking measurements until January:

February 1st- March 1st Measurements:
- Biceps: 20''/21'' (not sure what this was about...hmmmm)
- Forearms: 12''/11.5''
- Neck: 15''/15'' (haha I'm not sure this will ever change, it just felt right to do it at the time! lol)
- Boobage (Chest): 50''/49.5''
- Stomach: 49''/47''
- Hips: 60''/57''
- Thighs: 36''/35.5''
- Calves: 21.5/20''

A total loss of 9 inches for February!

Wanna see something cool- since January 1st, this is how many inches I've lost total... That would be 21 inches in just 2 months!

Pretty cool huh?

Tomorrow I'll be back with my March goals but for now I'm off to a 2nd interview and to buy some new clothes for the job I start tomorrow... I'll explain later! lol

Finally, I do want to say a huge THX for all of the great awards some of you have been bestowing up on me! I promise that I'll get to them asap! :)

Also, I'll be doing some MAJOR catch up tonight on reading all of your blogs- I've been out of commission for the last 2-3 days (partly b/c my computer decided to go on the fritz) and my life just doesn't seem complete without knowing what's on all of YOUR minds and how you all are doing! I'll be sure to make the comments exxxxtrrrraaaaa long :)

Peace and Love Friends!