Kamis, 26 Maret 2015

Day#84 & #85: A Reflective Pat on the Back :)

Good morning bloggies!

I still have wayyyy too much that I want to share with you that it's hard to pick which is more important... haha

So first off since I had a few days last week where I wasn't proud of the choices I made (see my last post) I've been making it a point this week to be sure to not only kick butt with my eating choices and time at the gym, but to also remind myself of how far I actually have come on this journey. I'm sure some of you can relate to this; when you've been making these healthy choices day in and day out it is easy to forget that you weren't always this way and that there is reason to be proud of those changes. So today, I just feel the need to recognize my progress and it just wouldn't feel right if I didn't share it with you all too- many of whom have been with me since day one of this journey!

The Tiffany of today is different than the Tiffany on November 7th
(I began this journey on November 8th) because:

* I have proven to myself that I can lose weight and I am; I now know that I am not just destined to always be overweight or obese. I am 41lbs lighter today and at the lowest weight that I can remember in the last 3-4 years!!!
* I have more energy today and don't experience the discomfort of doing daily tasks nearly as much!
* I have not only joined a gym but I go 5 times a week and do nearly an hour each time. I did not allow the fear and intimidation I once felt to overcome me- I learned that I have a place at the gym just as much as anyone else and I have been going continually since mid January! In fact, here was me before my first day at the gym (looking nervous!)And here was me yesterday right before heading to the gym (in case you can't tell- the look is excited, proud, and accomplished-and rockin a new haircut! :) lol)* I have learned how to eat healthily and do almost all of the time. Today, I truly no longer eat to live- my compulsatory relationship with food is no longer an issue. Because I'm making this a life long journey I have found ways to allow myself to enjoy some of my favorite foods without going overboard (most of the time!).
* I have proven to myself that my body can and is becoming more physically fit. I have increased my endurance on the elliptical from being able to do 5 minutes to now being able to do 25 mins! I never thought that I would actually be able to become more fit- but I am!
* I have continued to blog now for more than 4 months and have made some world class buddies on here who have been such a source of support, wisdom, and encouragment. I can honestly say that I wouldn't have made it past my first month of this lifestyle change if not for this blog. So today, I am much more disciplined than I was before.

In short- the Tiffany today isn't afraid to attempt things that seem impossible. I still have A LOT of weight to lose and I am BY NO MEANS an expert on this journey- huh- by no means. But I am changing, learning, growing ( and shrinking) lol, and truthfully I'm saving my life.

I hope that you all will take some time today to give yourself a pat on the back/hug and feel proud of the changes that you've made. You may not (and actually def are not) perfect- and you (nor I) never will be- but many of us have made drastic life changes here and it is a GOOD thing to recognize those.

Keep it up kids- you're doing great!