Jumat, 27 Maret 2015

Day #86: New Eats :)

Howdy kids!

Thx so much for all the love on yesterday's post. I can't lie- it's pretty cool to finally be able to take a step back in this journey and realize that I'm actually doing it!

Ok so it's been a while since I've shared some of my eats so guess what? Today's the day! Now, I am the definition of a "creature of habit" so a lot of times I just eat the same things over and over again, which in a way is a good thing because I don't get bored of eating healthy stuff but one the other hand I'm somewhat reluctant to try new things *cough*veggies*cough*! :)

BUT I have been bustin' out of my groove a bit recently and have come up with 3 new favorite things!

1st new favorite: Chicken in a Can! BAHAHA doesn't that just sound appetizing? :) Well here's the thing- I'm a chicken fanatic- I eat it 2x's a day easily, but I really hate the time that it takes the grill my chicken- SOOOO the other day when I went to Sam's Club I decided that I would finally take the plunge and try chicken in a can and boy am I glad I did! Seriously- it's genious! My favorite way of using it? Meet my newest recipe- Buffalo Chicken Salad! I just threw 2 tablespoons of lite mayo and a bunch of Frank's Hot Sauce in with the chicken and it made for the ideal salad topper! This girl likes some kick! Anybody else thing that Frank's is the best!??

2nd new favorite: Cuties! You all know that I have a hard time getting in my fruits and veggies and as much as I like fruit- I usually don't find it super convenient to eat. It spoils easily and I usually end up making a mess when trying to eat it; especially oranges. Well not so with these pieces of deliciousness! Seriously these are SO sweet and so easy to peal and I don't have a problem swallowing them whole (the pulpy things included) as I do with oranges- no mess at all! Love em!
3rd new favorite: Thomas' Everything Bagel Thins! As soon as I heard about these on TJ's blog I knew that I had to try them but for the life of me, I couldn't find them anywhere! Needless to say when I was at Sam's club I spotted them and had to get em! They are only 100 cals each and you don't even miss the extra bread! I've been using them as a substitute for my eng muffins or as a snack with some lite cream cheese on em! Yummmy!

Anyone made any recent favorite new food discoveries that I should know about?

Alright ya'll- I hope everyone is having a great relaxing weekend and I've gotta say that I'm pretty excited about a product review that I'll be doing for CSN stores this upcoming week!

See ya'll tomorrow for my weigh in!