Senin, 30 Maret 2015

Day #87, #88, #89: Weigh In & 1st Day!

Howdy kids!

Sorry I'm just now getting around to posting the weigh in results from this past weekend- needless to say the results are in and I'm down 2lbs! Meaning I am officially 2lbs away from hitting my end of March goal of 308 and only 10lbs away from being out of the 300' THAT is just craziness. I'm not sure that I will even believe that I'm experiencing reality when I look down on the scale and see the #2 at the beginning of my weight...oh gosh, I'm getting butterflies just thinking about it! lol

Well, today was my first official day at my new job! This has been the first position that I've ever taken that I haven't felt completely overqualified for which made me a bit nervous- but all went well! My co-workers are nice, the atmosphere is great, and I can't see me getting bored anytime soon! The clients are a bit rough and I know that I'll be stretched, but I think that is kind of what I was looking for- this girl is happy as a clam :)
Does anyone else feel like March FLEW by?!? Seriously. Well, in the next few days I'll be evaluating my progress this past month, setting new goals for April, and taking my monthly measurements- exciting stuff!

Finally, ya'll remember The Biggest Loser Challenge that I'm in? In case you forgot, I won round 1 last year and I was hoping to win again- wellllll round 2 ends on Wednesday and as of right now I am in tied with this other girl for 1st place (we've both lost 16lbs during this challenge) BUT I do believe she is a little lighter than me, which would put her weight loss percentage above mine...meaning I'm hoping that somehow I drop at least 2ish pounds by Wednesday. Not sure that's going to happen but my fingers are crossed! Will you cross yours too? :)

I leave you all w/ a pic I had to snag before I left for my 1st day of work this morning- I know, I know, I'm weird :)