Rabu, 18 Maret 2015

Day #77: You talkin' to ME!?!

Hey ya'll!

So I went through a few weeks a while back where I felt like I had absolutely nothing to say on here but lately I have had SO much that I've wanted to share with you all that I don't even know where to start! Geez, not a bad problem to have I guess!

Thank you all for the words of advice and encouragement about my job situation- I think I've come to a decision but I am going to take one more day to pray about it and let just be still and quiet- no worrying, just...peace. I'll be sure to let you know what happens though.

As you all know, I set goals every month that I strive to meet- they keep me focused and motivated and are a huge asset. Well one of my goals for the month of March was to do the elliptical for 25 minutes...an amount of time that seemed daunting to me even when I set it. Well...guess what I did on Monday??? I did 25 freaking minutes on the elliptical! Goal met! Whoo hooo! To think that only 2 short months ago I could barely do 5 minutes is pretty crazy and it is proving to me that I am becoming more fit which is just fan-freaking-tastic!

But here's where stuff really gets crazy...

So after I did the elliptical and did the jig on the inside I headed over to the bathroom where I had planned on taking a nice sweaty pic to share with you all as I customarily do- well my plan was foiled when someone walked into the bathroom right after me- a lady, probably in her late thirties, in decent shape- and after washing her hands for a few seconds, turned to me and asked: "Does the elliptical get any easier?" At first I looked at her in disbelief; surely she couldn't be asking ME for advice on working out- HA- laughable!

But sure enough, she was! She went on to share how she can't do more than a few minutes without feeling like her lungs were going to explode which gave me the opportunity to share about my progression on the elliptical- it was a short and sweet conversation and it ended by me telling her "It definitely gets easier, you've just got to stick with it."

As I walked out of the bathroom I could almost feel the lump in my throat growing by the second and my eyes swelling up with tears- I still cannot believe that someone at the gym (who is not also morbidly obese) was asking ME for workout advice and was looking up to me!!? Wow- it was a moment I won't soon forget. And the funny thing is, it's true- this does all get easier, we've just got to stick with it.

On another note my working out schedule is going to be a bit stiffled this week due to the fact that every day after work I have some sort of obligation- at first the thought of not making it to the gym 5 times this week was pretty upsetting but you know what? I've got to be realistic and do what I can and as long as I'm doing that I'm doing my best. Life gets crazy and I'm going to have to adjust- this week it is my goal to make it to the gym at least 2 more times (I've already gone once), which means that next week I will hit it 5x's with everything I've got.

Hope you all are having a sweeeet day!

P.S. tomorrow's Friday! :)