Minggu, 08 Maret 2015

Day #67: Mrs. Gold Medalist :)

Morning loves!

Being that it is Monday, and that I've been talking lots about motivation lately, I figured why not do another installment of "Motivation Monday!" I did one of these wayyyyy back in the day and will do them periodically now and again.

So for today's Motivation Monday, I thought I'd share one of the reasons that I want to lose weight and that keeps me motivated.

Can't lie- I feel probably more embarrassed about sharing this one reason than I do any other but either way, it' the truth so it can only be beneficial for me to share...

Imagine this...you walk into your doctors office and you see that it is full house in the waiting room and of course everyone has stared at you as you walked in as they have nothing better to do than to just sit their and wait to be seen by the Dr. When you look around the room and survey any open seats you find only one, and people are sitting on both sides of the chair; and it just so happens that one of them happens to be a majorly gorgeous Evan Lysacek look a like. (haha- you can insert whoever you find absolutely delicious :) And you decide, because it would look awkward now that everyone has seen you eyeing the open chair to just keep standing, that you will pop a squat over there by Mr. Greek god. (In case you need a reminder of just how hott he is....

Now herein lies my problem- had I taken a seat next to Mr. Hottness, the entire time I would be thinking about how unhappy he probably was to be having to sit by me and I would almost feel SORRY that he would have to.

I've experienced this multiple times where I would get put right next to the typical "hottie" and I would literally feel apologetic for them having to be seen with me or put with me. Is this okay? UM NO!!!

This one thing is a rather stranger phenomenon to me because as I've shared before I really do have a high level of self-confidence and all, but this has been the one thing that always made me feel so...inferior.

Now PLEASE understand that this is in NO WAY ANY PART of my true motivation for losing weight- I've already shared most of those reasons with you all- but it is going to be a nice perk when I can be put into any situation and just feel normal.

And dare I be so bold to say, I would like to get to the point where my weight is absolutely 100% removed from the reasons why a guy couldn't like me. If he is not attracted or interested that's fine, I just want it to be for another reason, even if it's another physical reason.

So there you have it- my motivation for this Monday :) Kind of a depressing thing to share, but one that will surely turn into something empowering!

Anyone ever felt something similar?

Love ya bloggies!