Kamis, 05 Maret 2015

Day #64: I'll take a dose of that...

Wouldn't it be great if on the days that we needed to re-focus and really give it our all we could just go to the Dr. and get a shot of motivation that could last us even for the rest of the week?

While I will be the very 1st to say that motivation isn't something that can be relied upon, waited for, or necessary- in order to lose weight it is helpful. What do I mean by that? Well- think of all the things you did yesterday that you didn't necessarily FEEL motivated to do: you woke up, put your makeup on, did a few dishes, went to work, took your kids to school, etc. Why did we do these things if not because we had motivation to do so? Because we know that if we want to get a certain outcome, there are just things we HAVE to do. If you want your child to be successful in life, they've got to go to school, if you want to be able to wear clean clothes, you've got to do laundry.

Our living healthy lifestyles IS no different. I pre-make my lunches not because I feel motivated to, but b/c I'm looking forward to a certain outcome, I go to the gym right after work not because I feel motivated to, but because I'm working for a result that OUTWEIGHS my need to FEEL motivated.

But regardless, motivation DOES help and I believe is periodically needed in order to keep going in the long run- but sadly as I've continued into this journey I realize that it doesn't just come on it's own at random times- I've had to make it happen, to keep certain things always in front of me to keep me motivated; things like:

- Monthly Goals.
- Remembering the reasons WHY I am losing weight and how important they are.
- Looking at pics of myself at my heaviest and realizing I don't want to be that person.
- Envisioning the future.
- A few quotes/mantras that I've read.

I've shared before that the picture on the right hand side of this blog titled "My Wake Up Call," was my staff picture that was taken for my church's website. Man, when I saw that pic I just kept thinking, "I look like I'm in a prison of fat..." I had never ever ever saw myself that way before and I was definitely at the heaviest I had ever been. Well, THANKFULLY they didn't end up putting that picture on the website, but they DID put this one, which I find just as horrifying...
Yep, my last name is Hendrix (please don't steal my identity!) bahahaha- But seriously, WHO IS THAT? I still don't even recognize her.

This is the pic that I've been using as my source of motivation this week. I've been thinking about how sad I look in this picture (and unhealthy) and that motivates me to not want to go back to looking like that. BUT I've also been thinking about how freaking HAPPY I'm going to be when they change that picture in November and I look like a completely different person!

So if you're feeling a lack of motivation to work out and eat healthy today... too bad- work out and eat healthy anyways. But make sure that very soon you give YOURSELF a shot of motivation b/c it really does make it that much easier!

Anyone have some tips to share about how you stay motivated every day?