Jumat, 27 Februari 2015

Day #59: WI and Black Bean Tostadas

Morning bliggity bloggers!

Well as you all know today is weigh in day. Due to the I AM WORTH MORE CHALLENGE, I skipped last week's weigh in but my weigh before the challenge began was 319- and as I wrote about yesterday my February goal was to hit 315 today. And today when I stepped on the scale .... it .... said.....

315!!!!! I absolutely could not freaking believe it! That is a 4lb loss (over 2 weeks) and brings me to a grand total of 37lbs lost!!!! This is the most weight I have ever lost and I'm still a bit mystified that it is actually happening. Yay!

Well, before I go I thought I'd share last night's dinner- Black Bean Tostadas! You all KNOW that this AZ girl loves her some Mexican food so I figure it was high time I try this new recipe!

2 Trader Joes White Corn Tortillas (sprayed w/cooking spray and baked for 8 mins)
Black Beans
Lettuce (I used Romain)
Trader Joe's Salsa
Fat Free Sour Cream
and of course I had to have a few tortilla chips! I chose TJ's Organic White Corn Tortilla Chips.

Put it all together and viola! All for 455 calories! Oh and in case you weren't able to check out my February evaluation post from yesterday... doooo it! (please!) lol :)