Selasa, 17 Februari 2015

Inspiration: The Biggest Loser!

Happy Thursday!

Well friends, today is my weigh in day and I am pretty. stinkin'. stoked. b/c FINALLY after MONTHS of floating around between losing 1lb one week, gaining 2lbs the next, losing 3lbs the next, gaining 1lbs the following week (which was probably more due to my lack of commitment than a plateu), my newfound determination has tangibly shown on the scale this week:

Last Weeks Weigh In: 277lbs
This Weeks Weigh In: 270lbs (-7lbs!!!)
For a Total Journey Loss of: 82lbs!!!

Seeing this # on the scale this morning was honestly a pretty big shock as my goal was to be 275lbs this week and 273lbs by the end of the month- so YAY!

Lately I have found some newfound commitment, focus, and determination in myself and when I thought about where this has come from I can undoubtedly say that a BIG source of it has been from watching The Biggest Loser. I know it is obviously not shocking to hear that I'm inspired by TBL, I'm sure ALL of us are, and although I've been watching for seasons none has seem to have the effect on me that this season has. First of all, it's just great tv- the addition of 2 new trainers has definitely stepped up the drama and I love it- but besides that, here are some of the ways the show has been truly inspiring me and helping me on this journey lately:

  • The girl above has one of the BEST attitudes about weight loss that I have ever seen. Every time she steps on the scale she can do it with confidence because she KNOWS that she has given everything she has that week. And when the scale doesn't necessarily show a number that she feels is equivalent to how hard she's worked that week, she just shrugs it off and keeps on moving becuase she knows that sooner or later- she'll get there. I would like to believe that I have adopted her attitude on this journey- I will give my BEST every day so that when I weigh in I will know I've done everything I possibly can and allow that to determine my progress and success and not a number on the scale. I truly hope Courtney goes all the freaking way!

  • The BIGGEST thing I have gotten from watching TBL is help in the form of the way I think. There were NUMEROUS times this past week that I didn't want to workout (I had a cold) or I wanted to eat cookie cake like everyone else in my office did and right in the middle of me rationalizing these thoughts in mind as to why I could just skip a workout or have that piece of cake I thought to myself, "What would I do in this situation if I was on The Biggest Loser right now?" or "What would I think of a contestant (aka Arthur) if they were eating a piece of cookie cake right now?" And suddenly it all becomes very clear in my mind- and I make the right decision. When I'm watching TBL I realize how serious it is for these contestants and just how desperately they need this and how determined they will have to be to change their lives and even though there aren't TV cameras following me around, a televised weigh in coming up, or the chance to win half a million dollars, I still HAVE to be just as intense, just as focused, and just as determined because the very same things are up for stake.

  • Some of you may know that running is something I have always wanted to do but felt extremely intimidated by. I have had multiple DREAMS (like literal sleeping dreams) about running and every time I'm running in my dream I always have the same thought: "I love this, I could do this forever." How crazy is that? Anyways, I have been trying to figure out when I should begin running and I just keep wondering if I'm too large to start running now or if I should wait until I lose some more weight- it's truly a thought that's been plaguing me. And THEN, I saw Rulon (one of my absolute FAVORITE players this season) running 12mph with his 400+lb frame and I KNEW I could do it to. Furthermore, even Arthur has been running on the treadmill. If they can do it, I CAN DO IT. Plain and simple. It may take me a little longer, but I will become a runner. Who had been placing these limitations on me? No one but myself! I have recently made a pact with myself, every time I go into the gym I want to think about something I currently don't think I can do, and then do it! I need to stop putting limitations on myself, the sky is the limit for me and I need to start living that! And yesterday was the 1st step in doing that: I went to the gym (even though I stayed home from work for being sick! ...haha) and after doing the elliptical I decided to jump on the treadmill and start running. At first I though I would probably be able to do 30 seconds one time...well, by the time I was finished I had jogged for 1 minute, twice! If it weren't for me having seen Rulon and Arthur running on the treadmill weighing almost 150lbs more than me, I would never have done that yesterday.
I am doing this and it feels great. I have new goals and am experiencing some really cool things with my weight loss and I'm truthfully enjoying the journey of transforming into the person I was created to be. I am going to give it my all, every day and destroy any fear or impossibility along the way.

Has anything from this season of BL inspired anyone else? If so, I'd like to hear about it!