Senin, 23 Februari 2015

Day #54: Tuesday Randomness

Morning muffins!

THX for all of the sweet and encouraging comments on yesterday's post- it really is unbelievably rewarding so that that the work and effort I'm putting in is actually making a difference.


So being that I was skipping my weigh in day for the challenge, I figured that I needed to implement one of the many other ways to find out if any progress is being made- one that I hadn't done before. So I decided to head on over to LB, since that is one store that I've been pretty consistent w/ as far as buying jeans from, and see if my pant size has changed at all. I've probably been a size 28 for more than 2 years now and at the end of last year the 28's were gettin' snug- so being at the same size for that long it was a little hard for me to believe that I would actually be able to fit into anything smaller.

Well, I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check it! 26's!!!!
Now I KNOW that being a size 26 is nothing to celebrate about for the normal person- in fact it would be more of a nightmare! haha- but for me I'm dancing in these 26's!! :) I knew that I was probably close to moving down a size because when I wear my current size 28 jeans I look like I crapped my pants and there's lost of room in the front...Sorry for the poor quality crazy shots- had to get em' w/ the celly.

No more Mz. Nice Tiff:
This morning I woke up and smelled the coffee- I need to put a little more into this. I basically haven't tracked my food all week (still been eating well), but the only reason I'm not tracking is because I'm being lazy and it isn't as convenient for me now that I don't have a job where I have nothing to do at other than right down what I'm eating- haha. This week I'm tightening up on myself in every way- I took an inventory of last week and these are some things that need to change for this week:
- Drink 64 oz water a day
- Eat my planned meals at the right times (I was skipping wayyyy too many meals)
- Track.every.morsel.

Well apparently it all had to do with food- I was getting lax- well NO MORE cuz I am desperate to reach my goal of 315 at this Sunday's weigh in (that means a 4lb drop from my last weigh in).

Has anyone else been feeling that need to slack like me? Well- let's let that feeling pass us right on by while we are running on the treadmill and achieving our goals! This won't come easy- we've got to (in the words of my dearest Andrea) fight like hell!

I'll be giving the scale some MAJOR hell this week- who's with me?!?

And finally....

The Job Hunt:
I have 4 job interviews this week! There's a few that are at the low end of the pay I'd like, a few above my range, one I don't see myself at, and one that I would LOVE! Pray that I would received guidance and that I would have the wisdom to know which to chose if I were offered more than one :) All I have to say is THANK GOD for tax refunds! hahaha

M'kay- you guys rock :)