Selasa, 20 Januari 2015

Veganism: Week 2 & Weigh In

Hola amigos!

As you know, it's weigh in day- and I'm smack dab in the middle of my vegan fast sooo check it out:

Weigh In Prior to Fast: 282lbs
Weigh In Last Week (1 Week Into Fast): 278lbs (-4lbs)
Weigh In This Week (2 Weeks Info Fast): 279lbs (+1lbs)

Hmmm. I'm a little annoyed but emphasis on the LITTLE b/c I'm not quite sure how this happened- I've been clocking good workouts, haven't been eating all that much, and blah blah blah. I've come to the conclusion (especially from reading the amount of weigh in blog posts I have) that there are a million different reasons as to why we get on the scale and our efforts don't seem to compute into a loss that we want to see, and to try and speculate what the reason was when I know I've done well is just...well, a waste of time. All I know is I'll get to where I want to go, I will succeed, and I am on no one's clock but mine. In fact, I am only 2lbs away from my January 31st goal of weighing no more than 277lbs- so I'm doing juuuuuust fine.

If you're beating yourself up over a 1 or 2lb gain coming off of a week where you KNOW that you've done your BEST (emphasis on doing your best, not continually chomping on candy and loaves of bread and then sulking when you don't a loss on the scale- oops, did I just say that out loud???) then hold your head high and keep on running towards what you know you will accomplish.

Ok, I'm off my soap box (I swear I have a vacation home up there!) and thought I'd share what it is I'm eating during this vegan fast- remember, I keep things simple so it's nothing fancy shmancy:

Breakfast: Amy's Vegan Honey Bunny Rabit Cereal (apparently, I'm 5 years old) w/ Unsweetend Almond Milk.
Snacks: Apples, Oranges, and Raw Trail Mix from Trader Joe's.
Lunch: An Asian Stir Fry made with: Organic brown rice, zucchini, squash, red onion, carrots, reduced-sodium soy sauce (which maybe cheating- not completely sure), and pine nuts.
Dinner: Salad (red onion, sliced almonds, & tomatoes) w/ homeade dressing & Amy's Organic Tomato Bisque Soup.
Dessert: 6 oz. glass of 100% Cranberry/Raspberry juice (I know, the sugar is a bit much but it's my only form of sweetness right now).

So yea- I'm ready for some meat and soda in my life but I am considering making soda somethig I only drink on special occasions or when I go out to eat (aka- not one for lunch every day) but who knows- this fast has definitely helped me to tie up any loose ends with compulsive eating.

SO- it has been a while since I've shared some NSV's (Non-Scale Victories) and they've become more frequent (yayyyyy!) so I thought I'd share some:

#1) How about I can totally begin to feel bones and muscles in my body that I never knew I had. Like for real- as I mentioned before, I'm mildly obsessed with my collar bone and yesterday at the gym I could actually feel the muscles in my legs contracting instead of just believing they were hidden under the fat somewhere. I love it! Same thing with my forearms!
#2) I've had numerous people at church come up to me and finally say, "Um...have you been losing, a lot of weight?" haha this is rather comforting as I've been wondering why I've lost 73lbs and some of my closest comrads haven't said anything but now I guess the cats out of the bag- and I guess it just takes longer to notice weight loss the bigger you are (at least that's what I'm hoping!) Thoughts on that?
#3) I had one of my clients ask me if I was losing weight because my pants looked like they were about to fall off...haha oh dear. Have I mentioned I'm a welfare caseworker and my clients are extremely blunt and honest? lol Either way, I definitely took it as a compliment :)

Ok, I think this post has gotten long enough, but now that I'm only writing once a week I have a lot to share :) I'm also enjoying catching up on all of your blogs (and enjoying some new readers blogs as well) so keep it coming!