Kamis, 08 Januari 2015

Day #8: A Week in Pictures!

Today I have too many things going on my mind to focus on any one subject so I figured I would just clue everyone in on some not-so-momentous yet still relatively interesting happenings this week via pics :)

Alright so it should be obvious by now that I clearly have a Starbucks addiction! lol So I had a little epiphany earlier this week-here's the story: So the other day I went to Starbucks during my lunch break to get a grande skinny vanilla latte and what did I find? They were giving away free samples of my old favorite drink of all time- caramel frappaccinos! Now it's been like at least 3 months since I've had one of these and at 500 cals a pop it's a good thing! But I decided to have one of these samples and here's where the epiphany came in- yes, it tasted very good, even better than I remember- but after the 3 sips that the small cup contained- I realized that was really all that I wanted! This made me realize 2 things: 1) How many times did I drink the entire venti size (remember 500 cals!) when I would have been completely satisfied with a tall? and 2) When I do indulge in things that I shouldn't (which RARELY happens) I will just take it one bite at a time to see if I've been able to satisfy the craving with just that bite or if I truly want more. This could save me HUNDREDS of calories!

This is a picture of our BEASTLY driveway this morning. You see I grew up in Arizona and then moved to Florida to go to school so up until about a month ago I had never even seen snow! Now that I live in Pittsburgh it is an everyday winter occurence and it probably wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have the steepest driveway ever! This picture truly does not even give it justice; yesterday it had snowed so much and is so steep that my car couldn't even make it up the driveway so I had to park at the bottom- this pic is from about half way down the driveway. Nothin better than shoveling snow at 6:00 am! :)

One of my favorite bloggers Kassey, wrote a post the other day about how every night she enjoys a cup of this 25 cal hot chocolate so I decided to pick some up the other day while I was out and about and let me tell you it is GOOD! I prefer to use skim milk instead of water in my hot chocolate so it actually ends up being around 115 cals but still- it is the perfecto for that time at the end of the evening when you are feeling snacky and you want something sweet! Two thumbs up! Swiss Miss also has a few other varieties that are low in fat, low in sugar, and even a caffeinated version that are all around 60 cals per package- but I promise this one is fabulouso!

Ladies, meet Mr. D-bag! Last week or so I wrote a not-so-nice post about a guy in my office who made an extremely rude comment to me. Not sure what compelled me to do so but I decided to snap a quick pic of him raiding the candy and truffle jar for the 4th time that day :) C'mon don't think I'm too mean- this makes me feel a little better! :) Ok- it's out of my system, no more vengance! lol

This probably isn't something that most people think about but because I had never been through a TRUE winter season, I had absolutely NO winter clothes! I have never owned a pair of boots, ice scraper, thermals, or a winter jacket in my whole life! Because of these cold temps I have found myself wearing things that I not only have never worn before but find quite ugly- but I've realized that when I'm freezing I don't really care what I look like! lol So this is me as I sat in my car waiting for it to warm up and wearing the fugliest (yet warmest) jacket ever :)

And last, but most definitely not least, I leave you with a pic of my oh so masculine roomate snoozin and rockin a pink snuggie :) And of course I had to post this pic on facebook too!

My weekend plans:

-Eye exam and possibly get glasses (boooo!)

-Going to see Avatar w/friends

-3 workouts (I've worked out twice this week and did 1 day of strength training)

-Community Service Outreach tomorrow morning

-Make a new healthy food creation

Peace out girl scout!