Rabu, 07 Januari 2015

My 2011 Goals!

Well, 2011 is officially underway and so far so GREAT but boy (oh boy) has it been a busy week! Some highlights from this week: 

- I officially hit 282lbs this morning making for a 70lb loss!
- I took my new Polar HRM that I got for Christmas to the gym yesterday for its first test run and I love it! I really think it's going to help keep me challenged to work out at a high intensity level and allow me to leave with a sense of accomplishment (which I sometimes lack) because I'll know exactly how hard I worked out and how many calories I burned. For example, yesterday I burned 560 calories! Woot Woot! I would say that's a pretty decent number for a workout, right?

- I measured myself this week for the first time since July or so and it was cool to see some of the changes that have taken place. I had a major weight loss stall there for a few months (like four!) but I am definitely in my groove again!
- I have been fighting off some major junk food cravings that have made me feel like a bottomless pit; I'm hoping that this is due to some stressful/dramatic/depressing events that have happened recently with a friend and that as the situation continues to blow over that these wacky food cravings will subside but regardless, I've been fighting like a champ and have done pretty dang well.
- I sat down and thought about what it is I really want out of 2011 and set some goals not only for the month of January (which I'll continue to do every month), but also some weight loss AND fitness goals for the year. I am a bit of a goal-freak so this has me pretty excited!

And now I'd like to officially put my goals out there and share them with you all! I'm really looking forward to being able to encourage my bloggy friends as your goals are pursued and know that I'll be getting the same encouragment and accountability back :)

January 2011 Goals:

#1) Join a Group Fitness Class at my gym- Honestly, this is something I'm mildly terrified of. In my mind I have been able to convince myself that I'm doing pretty well fitness wise and I'm afraid my bubble is going to be burst in a major way that will result in major embarassment but I've decided I'm not living in FEAR and will be checking out one of these classes this month (probably Zumba) in order to get some variety in my workout routine.

#2) Continue my Workout Routine: I joined the YMCA in my community a few months back and have set a goal for myself of working out 4x's per week. My routine includes cardio on the elliptical, free weights, weighted balls (not sure what they are called), and lots of ab work.

#3) Weigh no more than 277lbs by January 31st: This will bring me to a total loss of 75lbs by the end of the month. I know some people do not like setting goals in the form of pounds lost but having a specific goal to work towards helps keep me focused and determined.

My Goals for 2011:

#1) I really want to leave any trace of me being an obese person behind in 2011. My current "goal weight" is set at 180lbs but for me, being in the 100's is like a DREAM. So while I'm not ready to set a specific goal # just yet, my goal is to at least have a 1 in front of my weight by December 31st. Perhaps when the time draws nearer I'll set an actual numeric goal. I have set a few different "benchmark" weights that you can see on the right sidebar- my first: To have lost 100lbs my March 26th (the date of a wedding I am in).

#2) To begin running. Even at my heaviest, I have always envied runners and wanted to be one. Truthfully, I don't know that I can even take myself seriously when I say that I'm going to one day be one but there's something inside of me telling me I will and that I'll find a lot of joy and fulfillment in it. No joke- I've even been having MULTIPLE dreams at night lately where I'm running and just absolutely love it (how weird is that???). Anyways, I'd like to say my goal is to run a 5k but that pretty much freaks me out and feels overwhelming; I will say; however, that my goal is to be able to run a full mile by the end of the year. I don't think I've EVER run a mile before ... like... ever in my life. Right now, I'm thinking that I'll begin encorporating running sometime in March.

So- there you have it. I know that I've done well but I not even halfway there yet so I'm prepared to run full steam ahead throughout this year. I realize how unique this part of my life is- I'm single and don't have any kids- although my life is crazy busy now, it will be even harder when I'm having to share my life with someone else or in charge of the lives of others and I need to take advantage of this time now while I can.

I can give two years of my life to this- one down, one to go. Here's to accomplishing things I never thought possible!