Sabtu, 31 Januari 2015

Day# 31: Adios Janurary!


I stepped on the scale a few minutes ago and guess what it said???????

32-freakin-5!!!!!! Meaning a 5lb loss this week :)

I couldn't believe that it actually said the one number that I was looking for! I actually got on the scale twice just to check it!

Wow. This is monumental for me because:
- This is the 1st weight loss goal that I've set and actually achieved.
- This is the lowest that I've weighed on this journey.
- This means that I'm not doomed to fail as that dang voice was telling me earlier this week.
- I've lost 27lbs!

One last whoo hoo and I'll be done celebrating... WHO HOO!!! :)

I also wanted to evaluate what happened with my January goals so that in the morning I can post the new ones for February!

Goal 1) Weigh no more than 325lbs on Jan 31st- CHECK.
Goal 2) Do 2 strength training routines a week for 1 month- WOMP WOMP: Not trying to give an excuse but I pretty much no longer desired this goal after the first week; b/c the second week of Jan. I fasted and then I got sick, and then after joining the gym I just wanted to do cardio so I didn't complete this one but, I'm okay :)
Goal 3) Walk 5x's a week for 1 month- WOMP WOMP: This is another goal that kind of changed- I'm still new on this journey so I'm guessing they do that! At first I planned to only do the indoor walking DVD's through January but then when the gym came up I couldn't resist! Again, fasting and sickness kind of killed this one also.
Goal 4) Track POINT/Calories for 1 week- CHECK. For the newbies to my blog I used to count POINTS, but this month I switched to counting calories and it just works much better for me.
Goal 5) Try 3 new healthy recipes this month- CHECK: Brussel Sprouts, Tuna Salad, and Tofu Shiritaki.

Wow- so much really did happen this month between joining the gym (huge!), actually going to the gym and enjoying it, fasting, surviving my first fight with the scale, finding which way tracking food works for me, and hitting 100+ followers for this blog!

Alright ya'll- you da best!

If January didn't got exactly as planned, FORGET ABOUT IT, and move on! February can be just as good to you as January was to me!

Peace and Love :)