Sabtu, 03 Januari 2015

Day #3: Where will we all be?

A few season's ago on The Biggest Loser a contestant named Heba said something that totally hit me right in the stomach when I heard it and I still think of it often. In one of the first episodes of that season when her husband Ed had hit a wall during this workout and wanted to give up and he was responding to her telling him to keep going he said, "Heba, tomorrow's another day- I'll do more tomorrow," to which she replied, "No! Today is tomorrow!"

How often do we find ourselves saying that we will workout more tomorrow or we will start eating healthy on Monday? For some reason many of us have been able to convince ourselves that our good intentions will sooner or later equal real life results- but have they ever really amounted to anything?

I was never that concerned about whether or not I would live the rest of my life overweight because I always just assumed that sooner or later my truly good intentions would get the best of me and that I would just one day magically have enough motivation to do it- FALSE!

Many of us have made some pretty big decisions to change our lives this year- heck, I can count at least 5 of you bloggers that are joining me on the journey to lose 100lbs or more this year-and that is awesome. But PLEASE- let us not be blind to the fact that NOTHING has changed-truly changed- about us just because we have made a plan or a resolution- nothing will have ever changed until we step into that gym and throw out the junk food.

This morning I had a glorious thought- how ABSOLUTELY FRAN-FREAKING-TASTIC will it be when next year on December 31st, 2010 we are all able to look at eachother's blogs and see that we have all achieved the goals that we set out to this past week? I'm seriously tearing up just thinking about it! But the truth of the matter is that there will be some that day who are not any closer to their goal than they are today- and that is not because they didn't have good intentions or even a great plan- it will be because they didn't realize that the choices they make today lead to the reality they will live tomorrow.

It is my sincere hope and prayer that this will not be the case for many of you but the truth is that only WE can make the decision to change and that decision MUST be made today.

Peace and <3