Jumat, 02 Januari 2015

Day #2: My lips are sealed!

Hello there lovelies!

So today's post is going to be centered around a topic that I've seen a few of you write about/ask about on your blogs and since I have a rather strong personal opinion on the subject I figured I would share!

But first...my lunch! A yummy greek salad from Panera :) YUM!
Alright, so since I began reading blogs I have discovered that there are a variety of opinions on the subject of whether it is beneficial to share your weight loss goals/journey with others.

The biggest reason I have heard that people do find it beneficial to share is because it provides them with accountability- they feel that if their friends and family know that they are trying to lose weight that they will be less apt to fall off the wagon because they know people are watching them. Not so with me.

I made the decision when I began this journey 2 months ago that I would not be sharing my plans or success with my friends and family. This decision wasn't based at all on embarrassment of anything like that but out of the knowledge gained from my past experiences in trying to become healthier.

Here are just a few of the reasons I find it more helpful to keep my lips sealed:
  • I am doing this for me and not for anyone else. I have found in the past that when I have told my friends and family what I was trying to do that sooner or later I only began making my "healthy decisions" for them and not for me. It was for this very same reason that I waited for almost 2 months into my journey to start this blog- I was sooooo super hesitant because I didn't want to find myself feeling like I was HAVING to make healthy choices simply becuase of this blog- because I knew that if that was the only reason that sooner or later- it just wouldn't be reason enough.
  • Maybe it's the rebel in me but when I tell others and they are expecting something particular out of me I find myself wanting to cheat and well...cheating. Now that no one knows what I'm doing, I know that if I cheat I am not fooling anyone but myself.
  • Because everyone has a variety of opinions on what it means to eat healthily it is easy to feel judged if I am out eating with friends or family if they don't have a full understanding of the plan that I'm on. I don't like feeling "checked up on" or that I'm under a microscope so I find it much easier to feel good about the food choices I'm making when I don't have to explain why I'm eating what I am to everyone.
  • It's cool to have friends and family say that I looked like I've lost weight when it's completely out of the blue and not because they know that I'm actually trying.
  • I am learning from my mistakes and trying out new things and I enjoy having room to do that- I feel that if I told friends and family that I am doing (blank) then I would have to keep doing that or I would be failing or being flaky.
  • It's just cool that this is like my little secret- clearly the results will be public ones but I'm enjoying doing something that is completely mine :)
Now this is not to say that absolutely no on in my life knows- clearly the people who are in The Biggest Loser Competition with me know and a few others but for the most part I've kept quiet. Only 2 family members know and almost none of my close friends know. Obviously there will come a day (probably after I've lost about 25 or so more lbs that it will become very obvious and at that point I'll probably share a little more about my journey but I just feel that especially at this beginning phase where I'm still learning and deciding what this journey will look like- I'd just like to keep it between me and well...you all :)

I think this subject is definitely one that is up to you and for some I'm sure that sharing with friends and family has been crucial to your success and I know that if I had a husband and children that I probably wouldn't have the option or priviledge of keeping this all to myself. And who knows- maybe I'll change my mind in a few months...but for now, my lips are sealed! :)

What do you guys think? Do I sound crazy? HAHA- oh well, whatever works, right? Have you found it helpful to share about your journey or have you kept it to yourself? If so, why?

p.s. Tomorrow is my 1st weigh in of 2010 :)

Peace out girl scout!