Sabtu, 03 Januari 2015

Day# 3 Continued... The Weigh-In!

Guess the frick what friends????


Man, I CANNOT even begin to express how good it feels to not only start the new year off in this way but also because of that 5lb gain from last week (pssst I think most of you were right- it was water weight). Either way I am sooooo stinkin excited!

The changes that I made this week that I'm sure contributed to this loss:
1) I actually excercised :) lol I walked 3 miles one day and 2 miles last night. As you know I'll be doing this 5x's a week come tomorrow.

2) I was more conscious of carbs. Now I am by NO MEANS doing any sort of rendition of the Atkins diet- in my opinion it is not very healthy and certainly not realistic- but I just decided to be a bit more conscious and...Viola!

I know not every week will be like this so I'm celebrating this victory quite joyously :)

Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday!