Kamis, 29 Januari 2015

Day #29: Measurements and More...

Hey Kiddos!

Alright- on with the measurements!

I really wish that I had taken measurements when I first started (in Nov) but I waited until January- and a month later, here's what happened:

(Bold=Jan, Normal=Feb)

Biceps: 21''/ 20'' (-2'') one on each arm
Forearms: 13''/ 12'' (-2'') one on each arm
Neck: 15''/15'' (no change)
Chest (incl. boobage): 51''/50'' (-1'')
Stomach: 50''/ 49'' (-1'')
Hips: 61''/60'' (-1'')
Thighs: 38''/ 36'' (-4'') Two on each leg
Calves: 22''/21.5'' (-1'') .5 on each leg

So altogether I lost 12 inches in 1 month! Whoo hoo! Well, I'm actually not sure how great/not great that is being that I've never really measured myself before and I didn't really know what to expect, but it's progress so I'll just be happy :)

Last night I hit up the gym again and you'll never guess what I did...jogged! Don't get too excited- it was only twice and for like 30 seconds each time but still, I didn't plan on doing it, I just felt like pushing myself harder so I did! AND- I moved myself up from doing 3.4mph to doing 3.5-3.6! Here's a pic of my sweaty mug!

And now I've got some questions for yinz (that's Pittsburgh-ese) for "you all!" :)

Question #1-
I've been noticing that no matter what I do it just seems like my breakfast is not holding me over the way that I woud like it to. I normally munch on one of two things in the morning; I'll either have: egg whites, ff amer. cheese, on a ww eng muffin or I'll do some oatmeal with 1tbl of natural/reduced fat PB. I eat breakfast around 7:15am and I'm hungry again by 10:30- I'll usually just have a snack around then and that's no big deal but I do want to make sure I'm giving my body enough protein in the morning. SOoOo- here's the plan I devised and I want to know your thoughts...I had never tried a protein bar of any sort until yesterday when I picked this baby up from Trader Joe's yesterday on my lunch break. It was HEAVENLY and w/ 9g of protein, 3g of fiber, and 180 cals I was thinking that it might make a great addition to my morning breakfasts. But obviously this wouldn't be a sufficient breakfast in and of itself so I'm trying to think of what I could pair it with...suggestions? Anyone else a Luna-tic??? BAHAHA- that was funny, right? :)


So if you have spent any amount of time in blogland you are sure to have heard about GREEN MONSTERS. I'm not completely sold on the idea of spinach making a great tasting smoothie but I'm willing to give it a shot. So I ask, what has your experience been with green monsters? If you are sure that you've created a magic Green Monster recipe- please share!

Alright, finally I would just like to say freakin excited/humbled I am to have 101 followers! I can say with FULL CONFIDENCE that I know I wouldn't have lasted this long without this blog and all of your support. Unrealistic or not, I truly feel like I have some genuine friendships with some of you and I'm cheering you on all the way! More than once it has been a encouraging comment from one of you that caused me to get off the cough and get moving. In short- YOU ROCK!

Much XOXO!

p.s. Sunday's the big day- I've been working my butt off and eating flawlessly, we'll see if I reach my goal of 325... :)