Selasa, 27 Januari 2015

Day #27: Tofu and the Treadmill

Howdy partners!

Most of you know that I set new goals every month for myself that encompass fitness, nutrition, weight loss, and a variety of other things (in fact, I'll be setting and posting my new February goals tomorrow!) and one of my goals for January was to cook 3 new healthy and delicious meals. The first meal I made was brussel sprounts (bleh), the second was a tuna salad (yum!) and well I can officially say that my goal was met as I finished off the 3rd healthy dish last night!

If you have spent any time reading through the Hungry Girl Cookbooks or website you will notice that she uses a pasta substitute in a lot of her recipes called Tofu Shirataki. Honestly, neither of those words sounds appetizing to me but I promised myself that if I was ever able to find any that I would at least give it a try because it is ridiculously low cal/carb/fat! Well, wouldn't you know that yesterday as I was perusing the organic section of Giant Eagle...

Now I've gotta say that I was a little weary about trying this- I have never had tofu anything before and it comes served in bags of water...BUT I remembered that I needed to make one more healthy meal to meet my goal and it was only like $2 so I figured, why not? (p.s. you can eat this whole bag of "pasta" for only 40 cals!)

I decided to go with the most famous Hungry Girl Tofu Shirataki recipe- the Fettuccinie Hungry Girlfredo (aka- HG's version of fettuccinne alfredo). Her version of the alfredo sauce calls for: 1 Teaspoon ff sour cream, 2 tbls light cream cheese, 2 tbls rf parmesan and that's it! Easy enough- it took about ten minutes and VIOLA!

Looks just like Fettuccinne Alfredo! Too bad it tasted like a morph between rubber bands and worms! Truthfully the taste wasn't all that bad- her verison of the alfredo sauce is comparable and the noodles don't have a bad taste themselves, but the texture is just unforgiveable-truly it was like biting into a water-filled rubber band. I probably took about 6 bites trying to convince myself each time that chewing it wouldn't be so horrible with the next bite but sad to say the Tofu Shirataki ended up in my garbage can! Before I tossed it I did let me roomates try it and their verdict was the same- the texture was just not doable. Oh well, at least I can say that I tried it- this is definitely not something I would have EVER done prior to November!

Needless to say, here was dinner # 2:

Have any of you ever tried Tofu Shirataki? Did you like it or did you find the texture to be a problem as well?

In other news- I hit the gym again last night for a 30 minute walk on Mr. T (aka-the treadmill) it was short but sweet :) Right now I'm planning on going to the gym for cardio 5x's a week and having at least 3 of those cardio sessions be an hour and the other 2 can be 30 minutes- a lot of it depends on what machines are open (which stinks) but you gotta work with what'cha got, right?

p.s. Gotta quick question in regards to my walking on the treadmill- During the 30min's that I am on it I will start out at a 3.1 (for 5min) then go up to 3.3 for (10 min) then 3.4 (10 min) 3.5 (3 min) and back down to 3.0 (2 min cool down). When I look and see at what speed other people are doing on the treadmill it is usually 3.5-3.7mph but at this point I don't know that I can physically walk any faster than 3.4mph for an extended amount of time. Is 3.4/3.5 a decent pace for the next month or so or should I try and push it (not sure I can though!)? Thoughts por favor!

Make it a great day!

p.s.s.- The red team wife is a total fake- she could at least try and act suprised that all of her weight *magically* came off this week. Just sayin' :)