Senin, 26 Januari 2015

Day #26: Failure is Not an Option.

I am SO glad that I gained those 4lbs.

Why? Because now I know that I can lose 100.

Prior to my weigh in on Sunday I was pretty confident that I would be able to achieve my goal of losing 100lbs in a year b/c nothing had really happened that was proving me otherwise- I was consistently losing weight, and to tell you the truth, without much effort. But here's why now I KNOW that I can and WILL achieve this goal: Because I no longer have to be afraid that failure will EVER become permanent with me.

Melissa, a new bloggy friend, left me a comment on my post yesterday and shared something that she had written after the scale didn't reflect the work that she had been putting in and mentioned something that got me thinking- one of the top reasons that people give up on this journey is because of this very thing, they work hard for a few weeks, don't see the results that they want, they become discouraged, so they just quit and find themselves in the same spot the following year wanting to lose weight again. THAT WILL NOT BE ME.

I don't even know if I let on through my post yesterday just how upset and discouraged I was about the gain- it actually suprised me how down I got and then I gave myself a good slap in the face and realized that I had 2 options: 1) I could either continue to be upset about how unfair I felt this was, believe the lie that I won't be able to lose weight, which would eventually lead to me just giving up and remaining obese, or 2) I could get over it, get my frustrations out at the gym, move forward and end this year 100lbs lighter.

Needless to say... I killed it at the gym!

I was only planning on doing 30 minutes of cardio but I honestly just can't get enough of the feeling that I get when I'm working out- it's like...adrenaline or something! Who would have ever thought that I would find exercise as a stress reliever? lol Last night I did 30 minutes on the treadmill (1.5 miles), 30 minutes on the upright bike (7 miles), and 100 curls (I think that's what their called!)

I swear, as I was walking on the treadmill I was almost OVERJOYED at the relief that I felt at realizing that I'm not doomed to be obese as the voice in my head was assuring me I was going to be yesterday. And now, I know that everything isn't going to just fall apart if I don't lose every week, that I'm strong enough to survive the tough times that are sure to come during this journey. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING is going to stop me from achieving this goal; especially not a stupid scale!

Ahhh, glad that's over :)

Now I want to leave you with a picture of my dinner from last night:I made this pizza with: 90 cal flat bread, lean ground beef, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, garlic, and light provolone. Yummmmmmmmmmmy.

Alright bloggies, if you are feeling discouraged about the slowness of your progress or a disappointing weigh-in, just remember: If you give up right now you WILL SURELY fail, but if get up, learn from it, and move forward you will SURELY SUCCEED. It's YOUR choice.

Peace and Love!