Minggu, 25 Januari 2015

Day #25: Keep on Keepin' on!

Today I'm feeling like I need a swift kick in the butt...or a hug.

I'm just going to be honest and say that this is the thought that keeps playing in my mind over and over again..."You are never going to be successful at losing 100lbs or any more weight than you've already lost- think about it- you worked your butt off at the gym on Saturday- ate very well- and somehow managed to gain 4lbs. You lost more weight when you didn't excercise, maybe you should stop that- either way, this weight isn't going anywhere- you're done."

Am I listening to that voice? NO.

Is there a part of me that FEELS like it's true? Yes.

But feelings are not reality- at least not these ones- it is only common practical sense that excercise will not make you GAIN weight (outside of the slight gain that comes from adding muscle.)

At this point the only thing I can do is look back at my week last week and reevaluate to see if there is anything that I could have done better and there are a few facts that I need to face:

1) While I did get a killer workout in on Saturday, I only excercised 1 time last week (yes, this was due to my chest cold- and I wouldn't/couldn't have changed my choice not to excercise M-F, but it does still help in explaining why I didn't lose).

2) I was coming off a week-long fast where theoretically my body was exiting starvation mode and most likely storing what it could.

3) I did go a little crazy at a mexican restaurant on Friday night. (By crazy, I mean that I had chips-n-salsa w/my meal).

Other than that, I don't really have any other guesses or choices that I wish I could "do over;" and I guess that's a good thing. I just need to let this roll right off my back and keep on keeping on- doing what I know deep down really works: eating healthy and excercising.

Sorry this is a deviation from my "normal" self but I just needed to get that off my chest and share it with people who I know understand the feeling of disappointment that comes with a gain, as well as the fear that you body may not cooperate with what you are trying to do.

Ahhh ok- I know that hanging on to that fear can ONLY hurt me so I'm letting it go and moving forward.

You will all be happy to know, I'm sure, that I'll be visiting the gym this afternoon after work (my goal is to go 5 times a week) and I'll probably keep it relatively light being as I am still rather sore from my crazy workout on Sat (I believe I was a little over-ambitious! lol) so I'm planning on just doing some easy cardio but for at least 45 minutes. I'm also going to be holding off on any weight lifting this week and sticking with the cardio.

Thanks for listening/reading- it feels great to be able to share my doubts/ fears with you all!

p.s. The last week of the month is officially my favorite because I get to see if I completed my goals for the month, make new goals for the next month, and take my measurements! All stuff you can be looking forward to at the end of the week :)

I leave you all with some pics from this weekend! As I mentioned earlier, this past Sunday was our church's first service and it was a blast for sure- such great people.
I'm on the left w/ my hand in the air :)

A good friend (Lori) and I after the service!

Peace and Love bloggies- you are invaluable!