Sabtu, 24 Januari 2015

Day #24: Weigh-In and Experiment Results

Hey bloggy-loves!

Alright so trek with me here...

Weight before fasting: 333lbs
Weight after fasting for 7 days: 326lbs
Weigh in this week: 330lbs.

So technically I gained 4lbs from last week but I guess being that my body was recovering from starvation mode and holding onto as much food as possible, I should look at it from the positive side which is that I'm down 3lbs from my pre-fasting weight. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't just a little disappointed- but you know what, it's all good. I'm not measuring my success on this journey by dropping big numbers each week but by the fact that I won't give up until I've reached my goal and I'm just expecting to drop a significant amount at my next weigh in!

I also wanted to give you a quick update on my calorie/POINT counting expierement; I can't lie- I find it MUCH easier than counting calories than counting POINTS; this is probably because the calories are already listed and you don't have to worry about if a restaurant doesn't list the other nutritional facts that are needed to determine the PTS of a meal or even calculating anything- just find the info and you're done!

I've also gotta say that I'm EXTREMELY glad that I took all of your wonderful advice in keeping a food journal- it is really helping me stay more aware of what I'm eating and I just like the feeling of saying exactly how many calories I am taking in every day.

And of course it helps that my journal is super cute! Take a look for yourself :)

Alright so I'm keeping it short tonight- I'm looking forward to a great week of working out, eating well, and hopefully achieving my January goal of weighing in at no more than 325 by Sunday (that means it's my goal to lose 5lbs this week- I'm confident that I can do it!)

Moving forward!