Jumat, 23 Januari 2015

Day #23: My 1st Day at the Gym!

Hello lovelies!

Sorry for the late post but you know how the weekends are! I've had an EXTREMELY productive day and I'm going to bed feeling satisfied with my day; mainly because...


This pretty much explains how I was feeling right before heading to the gym:
If you can't tell, that's my anxious/I'm feelin' like I might need to blow chunks face!

But you know what I did- I reread my post from yesterday, as well as all of your thoughtful comments, got my butt in the car and walked into the gym with my head held high and smile on my face!

And get this- I worked out for 1 1/2 hours! I did 30mins on the treadmill (1.5 miles), 30 minutes on the upright bike (6 miles), 5 minutes on the elliptical (haha), weight lifting, and 50 leg presses. I know that may not be super impressive- but I've gotta remember that I'm just STARTING and I've gotta say... I LOVE working out and I LOVE my gym! Not sure if it is because the gym is in a community center but there is such a wide variety of people there and it's super clean and organized (lol)!

I actually think it was much better for my personal journey that I haven't really worked out in the past 2 months while I was getting started so that I could not only learn what it meant to eat healthily and get that under control, but it also gave me time to really sort through things in my mind and set some goals. There were a few times (mostly on the treadmill) that I caught myself wanting to cut the time short or just feeling sluggish and I would think back to some of the posts that I've both read of yours and written of my own and it put a fire under my butt and I pressed harder! And as if I needed anymore motivation, while I was on the upright bike, in walked this old man that seriously had to be AT LEAST 80 years old and he sat down next to me and started peddling away! Not only was he seriously very old but when he was walking he couldn't even stand up straight! It was all I could do to hold back the tears as I thought to myself, "If he belongs here, then I BELONG here; if he hasn't given up, then I can't give up." What an inspiration that man is!

And by the end of the workout I had worked up quite a sweat... check it out (warning- the gym made me a bit fugly!) :)
Ahhh so I guess today was pretty monumental and it's definitely one that I'll be looking back on with pride :) Thx again lovelies for your encouragement- it definitely helped today!

Ya'll know what tomorrow is- weigh in day... I'm hoping that I will be at my post-fast weight 326... I guess we'll see tomorrow! :)

Peace and Love!