Kamis, 25 Juni 2015

Day #174 & #175: Rollin', Rollin'!

Hi gang!
Man, am I glad that it is Friday! Lately, I've just been living for the weekends and since
this happens to be a 3 day weekend, I'm even happier :)

In a few weeks my team and I (who organize community events) are putting on a Family Bike Ride in our community and I am pretty pumped! It will basically just be an opportunity for parents and their kids to get outside, exercise, and enjoy the great city of Pittsburgh!

I can't lie, lately I've been feeling like I need something a little more than just an elliptical machine to get me motivated; I want to be passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and for me I think that might entail some sort of activity that I can get involved with...like biking!

Pittsburgh has SO many amazing bike trails (think street biking, not mountain biking) and it's a good way to be outside (which I'm loving more and more); sure, I couldn't really do this in the winter, but it's a fine way for me to soak up the sun right now.

Sunday evening, a friend and I went out to ride the trail that we will be doing the day of the bikeride to make sure it was doable for kids and it was a ton of fun, well...besides the fact that I was riding a borrowed granny bike with no gears- but it's all good. Check me out!

We rode around for an hour and it really was a fantastic time. I'm thinking that if I happen to win this round of The Biggest Loser Challenge that I might just have to mosey on over to Wal Mart and pick me up a cheap, but decent bike.

Anyone else love them a nice bike ride?