Minggu, 10 Mei 2015

Day #128, #129, & #130: Picture Fun & a Fast Begins!

Happy Monday Er'body!

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was pretty great actually; I spent it hanging out with friends, looking at apartments, and watching my new favorite show...GLEE! Anybody else have a Glee addiction? :)

I realized today that it's been a while since I posted an oh-so glamorous Tiff pic so I figured...why not snap a quick one before heading off to work...and even better it's a "BEFORE and AFTER" of sorts! :) Ready???

This was me in December/January-ish. I actually remember looking at this pic and thinking, "Holy Smokes, I'm lookin good!"

And here's a pic of me from this morning!

Maybe not a HUGE difference, but I can kind of see it in my face a bit! :)

Furthermore...yesterday was weigh in day and I came in at a solid 300 (no loss/no gain)- but I'm seriously ok with that-wanna know why? Well because today marks the beginning of a weeklong fast that I'm doing with my church (meaning water, juice, and coffee only) and I know that I'll probably drop 10lbs this week and then shoot back up the following week- I want to get under 300lbs by my own blood, sweat, and tears- not because of the fast. I'll still share what my weigh in is but I'm not going to count the next 2 weeks as realistic weigh-ins.

Alright, time to get back to work- here's to a great week (and LOTS of juice :)