Selasa, 07 April 2015

New Progress Pics!

Mornin' Ya'll!

Well, it's Thursday which means it's time for a weigh in:

Last Week's Weight: 269lbs
This Week's Weight: 264lbs (-5lbs)
Total Loss: 88lbs!

Clearly, I am excited to be no longer messing with the same 3-5 pounds anymore and I'm hoping that the plateu I was stuck on has finally broke. More good news about this weigh in- I've officially lost another 20lbs which means it's time for another set of progress pictures!

284lbs                                                                          264lbs

Well, there you have it- not sure how much progress I see from the last 20lb picture, but the change from the start is pretty undeniable (I'm only showing set 1, 3, and 4 for space reasons). That I'm only 2lbs away from losing 90lbs is gonna push me hard this week and I can't wait.

Tonight I'm going to be trying a new group fitness class- either Spin or Rock Bottom... I'm nervous but excited!

That's all folks!