Jumat, 10 April 2015

Day #99 & #100: How bout a round of applause!!?


Can you believe that today officially marks the 100th day of 2010?!?

I believe that today is a great day to evaluate how we are really doing on this journey. It seems like not more than a month ago many of us were so excited for the new year to start because we had BIG plans for 2010. I know I did- I set out at the beginning of this year saying...this would be the year that I save my life. And you know what the absolute best thing in the world is- I have stuck to my word.

How many times have we all tried to lose weight previously and failed? For me, it was probably only 2 or 3 but still, I am overwhelmed to the point of tears about just how proud I am of myself for still being here 100 days later, going strong. In fact, I just got back from a killer workout.

I know that it's not typically acceptable to say that "you are proud of yourself" or to pat yourself on the back all of the time, but in this case- I am giving myself a standing and screaming ovation because I HAVEN'T GIVEN UP and I am fighting like hell for my life- the life I deserve.

Sure, there have been moments in the last 100 days that I could have made better decisions in and I'm not saying that they don't matter- because they do; they were learning experiences that I'm using to help make me stronger, healthier, and more aware. To tell you the truth, I don't think there could be a single person who sets out to change something in their lives that in a 100 days time span they wouldn't do a single thing they weren't supremely happy about.

All that to say: If you are still here with me, still fighting, still eating healthy, working out, and giving this your BEST go- then WHOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO! This has NOT been like other times, WE are 100 days in, and we can do 100 more!

On a similar note- I'm guessing like me, part of you might be freaking out inside and be thinking: "Holy crap, we are 100 days in? I have barely done anything- I have a long ways to go if I want to hit my goal by December 31st 2010." Then be encouraged because we aren't even half way there yet and we've got 265 more days to go, to become better, and to make sure that we don't enter the year 2011 with the same freaking goals that we had for 2010.

What a fantastic feeling it is to be able to say that I haven't given up on this, that I don't have to lose my battle with obesity, and that living the life I dreamed of is possible...and it is happening.

Here's to an even better 265- together! :)