Minggu, 12 April 2015

Day #101 & #102: Weigh In & N-O spells...

Hey Kids!

One of the greatest things about this journey is how much you truly learn about yourself. Sure, you are bound (and supposed to) learn what triggers you to binge and why you became overweight in the first place, but there are SO many other lessons learned along the way as well. I've read many blogs by people who have learned on this journey that their relationship with food was based out of things like: having a poor relationship with a parent/spouse that they felt rejected by so they over ate because food would never reject them and it was a source of comfort, while others learn that they are unbelievably stronger than they ever thought they were and don't have to be victims for the rest of their lives.

Well, I think I'm learning such a lesson myself (one of many): I have a VERY hard time saying "no" in certain social situations.

Now, I'm not talking about saying no to drugs/alcohol/ or anything that I am truly against- believe me, no problem there! But I have learned lately that I have a hard time turning down social invitations. . .

For example, every Sunday evening I go to a meeting/service around 6pm that lasts until 8:30 that my most tight group of friends is at as well, well unfailingly there are always a few people that mention as we are all leaving the building: "Hey, anyone want to grab something to eat and hang out?" And I swear to you, even if I'm not super hungry, I'm tired and I know I've gotta get up at 5:00am the next morning, I will go. And when I try to answer the question as to WHY I do that- I don't come up with very many good answers.

Not being able to say "no" has been the cause of some of the food choice issues I had the last two weeks and I think these are the 2 factors that feed into the bad decisions:
1) I obviously enjoy hanging out with my friends, and if the whole group is heading to dinner, then I'll head to dinner to hang out with them. I sometimes consider the happiness of my friends over the results that I know their happiness will have on my weightloss.
2) In my conviction to "never deprive myself" on this journey I sometimes say YES too often. I set out on this journey wanting to be realistic with my life and how I think things will work in the long term- knowing that never having a cookie or piece of pizza again just wasn't realistic for me. But somewhere along the line I began thinking that conviction meant that I HAD to say yes to everything or I was depriving myself. Um...HELLO!??

I need to find my inner- "no." And not just to say "no" for the sake of saying it, but I shouldn't be afraid to say it either. Ahhh... I'm gonna test drive my inner "no" out this week and see how it goes :)

Weigh-In Time!
Last Weeks Weight: 314
This Weeks Weight: 311

Making for a... 3lb LOSS!

I made it to the gym this week 4x's (my goal is 5) and ate decently. I'm happy with the 3lbs...only 6lbs away from my April end goal of 305!

So now I'm interested to know... Do you all have a hard time saying NO?

Peace, love, and a happy Monday to you all!