Selasa, 10 Maret 2015

Day #69: Food Fun!

Hi friends!

Thought I'd keep it light-hearted today and do a fun little activity that has been going 'round the blogs about FOOD! Here we go...

5 Foods I Used to Love:

1) Starbucks Caramel Frapps! If you've been reading my blog for an extended amount of time you know how deep my Starbucks addiction ran, and with these babies being about 500 cals a pop, it's no wonder I weighed as much as I did! Wanna hear something cool? While I used to frequent Starbizzle at least 3-4 times a week, I've only been 1 time in the last MONTH! The funny thing is, this wasn't even on purpose- I guess once you've limited yourself to drinks that are really only mediocre, you don't want them as often. Whatever works!

2) Potato Chips w/ French Onion Dip! This was pretty much my snack of choice and I can't lie it still sounds good but chips are just one of those items (along with french fries) that I just can't keep laying around the house. It's not like I'll never have them again, but if I do it won't be because I have a bag at home!

3) Buffalo Chicken Pizza w/ ranch dressing! Oh man, the # of personal size buffalo chicken pizzas that I ate last summer... but this meal pretty much combines all of my favorite foods- chicken, cheese, bread, buffalo sauce, and ranch!

4) Taco Bell Chalupas! Man, I used to hit up T.B. and get 2 Chalupa Supremes, a crunchy taco, and a large Pepsi...ay dios mio! If you can't tell, I'm all about the carbs and salt!

5) Fettuccini Alfredo w/ Garlic Bread! Who doesn't love pasta, cheesy sauce, and buttery bread? Um... def not me!

5 Foods I LOVE Now:

1) Oatmeal! I have never been an oatmeal eater and some of you will remember that I even struggled to eat it at the beginning, but now that I've learned how to "doctor it up" as my grandma would say, it's one mighty tastey breakfast meal! I eat the Quaker Oats High Fiber Brown Sugar and Maple Syrup (don't hate, it's low in sugar!) w/ 1 tbsp of natural, reduced fat peanut butter, and a packet of Splenda.

2) Spinach! I had never really given Spinach much of a chance of getting into my diet before becoming healthy- now it makes a regular appearance in my daily food choices.

3) Whole Wheat things! Basically any bread that I eat now is whole wheat (eng muffins, naan, subway bread, etc.)- I was always convinced that it wouldn't taste good and that I would be able to tell a huge difference but honestly I really can't and I really...dare I say, like it!

4) Hummus! This is another thing that I had never tried before but I love love love love it! I get the garlic kind from Trader Joe's and dip pretzel thins in it as well as spread it on pita bread.

5) Luna Bars! I decided to try Luna bars after feeling famished during a workout and boy am I glad I did because they are YUMMMMMY! My favorite kind is the peanut butter cookie!

5 Foods I Still Can't Stand:

1) Cabbage, Sour Kraut, and Brussel Sprouts! I know these aren't all the same foods but they all taste similar to me so they get grouped together. Bleck!

2) Green Beans! This is quite possibly the one food in the world that I literally gag at the smell of.

3) Chocolate Cake! I know, I know, stone me now but I'm just not a huge chocolate fan. I really enjoy a hot cup of coacoa every now and then but something as rich as chocolate cake would cause me to have to drink a gallon of milk!

4) Peppers! Although I love spicy food I just can't get into peppers- I don't like the taste of them at all.

5) Ding-Dongs, Twinkies, etc. ! Those suggary little debbie cake type things have just always grossed me out- I feel like I would be eating aerosol or something! lol

A few misc updates:
- I should be finding out by the end of this week if I got the job that I am really wanting!
- I walked at a 1.5% incline tonight on Mr. T- I usually don't use any incline!
- I'll be writing what I'm sure is going to be a rather controversial post later this week... gotta love stirring the blog controversy pot! :)