Kamis, 26 Februari 2015

Day #57: A Week In Pics :)

Today, I'm in a bit of a funk.

I had an 2nd interview this morning @ 9:45 in downtown Pgh and I was super excited- but when I woke up I realized that the snow has yet again plagued my life and there was no way it would be safe to drive in (especially downtown) so I called to reschedule and the receptionist told me that they weren't going to do interviews past this morning so basically... it's a no go. I'm really not THAT upset because I have an interview for a job that I reallllllly want on Monday but I'm kind of just bummed that the snow is here again and that I'll be cooped up inside all day (meaning NO gym)...I think it may be time to get creative...hmmm....

Due to my little funk I thought I would just share some happenings from this week in pictures :) But fear not, the next few days are always my favorite (the end of the month) b/c it's when I evaluate my monthly goals, set new ones for the next month, and take measurements! All good stuff to look forward to- tomorrow I'll be evaluating my February goals!

And now, my week in pictures... While driving around for an interview I snapped this picture- safe eh? lol This is a pic of downtown Pgh and it is quite the site to see (the camera phone doesn't quite do it justice!). Pgh is unlike any other place I've ever lived and (despite the SNOW) I really love it!

This is my friend Elizabeth and I at one of our church events earlier this week- she's a lovely girl :)
Pizzaaaa! Jussst Kidding! This was my lunch from yesterday and fear not- it's NOT pizza but it was SOOOOOO delicious! The "crust" is actually naan bread- if you're new to naan it is basically an indian bread and you can buy it either frozen or fresh from Trader Joe's (if you don't have a trader joe's near you- that really sucks :) Anyways, this is the frozen garlic naan, topped with my yummy spinach dip, tomatoes, chicken, and light provolone. Super filling and all for 395 cals- I know that's a bit on the high end but for my caloric goals it's still decent and it's not something I would have EVERY day. Except...I'll probably be having it for lunch again today :)Ok so this picture just cracks me up- I had to share it! lol I posted a pic earlier this week from a game night we had on Sunday night and I couldn't resist sharing one more- I love everything about this picture :) Except that I look amazonishly tall- haha!
Finally, here is a pic of right outside my bedroom window (it goes out onto a deck)- check out thos friggin icecicles! Those could kill somebody! lol Ahhh...Spring, promise me you're right around the corner?

Ok- I'm peacin' for now- check back tomorrow as I go through my goals from February!

Peace and Love :)