Rabu, 18 Februari 2015

Day #49: Challenge Progress, Taco Bell Victory, and a Product Review :)

What a crazy, scarey, but great word. As I've been doing the I AM WORTH MORE CHALLENGE this week, "change" is a word that is continually running through my mind. As you all know, myself along with some of my best bloggy friends, have been writing down all of our good choices and steps that we take forward on post it notes and will put them on our scale at the end of the week so that we can adjust our thinking from believing that a number alone tells us how much progress we are making instead of the small decisions we make every day.

Isn't it our obsession with the little 3 digit # on the scale funny? Well- I'm over it and that's part of the reason I chose to start this challenge. I remember a few weeks back I had really made some huge strides during the week- I worked out (something that is still fairly new to me), ate so well, and just overall saw some really great changes in my body; however, when I stood on the scale that Sunday morning the scale showed that I had gained 4lbs- immediately all of the confidence and empowerment I had felt was flushed down the toilet because of a dang # (that fluctuates like the dickens).

This week as I've been writing the small yet good things that I've done on those post it notes I just keep thinking- "Wow, this is definitely a small thing in retrospect but it is such a BIG change from what I used to do!" For example, today a co-worker wanted to go get lunch and he drove right up to a Taco Bell- at first I was nervous but I just decided to order 2 chicken soft tacos from the fresco menu and a diet pepsi (330 calories). Now on one hand I could get on myself for even eating fast food, but no- I wrote that decision down on a post it because you know what? 4 months ago I would have went to Taco Bell and ordered my old favorite: 2 Chalupa Supremes, a hard taco and a large Pepsi (1,130 calories). That's an 800 calorie difference and definitely post it note worthy!

For those of you participating in the challenge- don't just write down the things that you find amazing (like kicking butt on the elliptical), write down the small- but great- decisions that you make NOW that you would have NEVER made before you changed, and BE PROUD!

Alright, and now a product review! I'm sure many of you have tried the original Fiber One Oat's n' Chocolate bars- welllll Fiber One recently came out with a different bar for only 90 calories! And you know that when I saw these in the store (and had a coupon!) and saw that they had a peanut butter chocolate flavor I just had to give em' a shot!

The verdict: Eh...well they don't taste ANYTHING like the other Fiber One bars; on one hand that is good because they don't taste quite so...fibery- but they really just taste like... rice puffs- there's just not a lot of substance to them. They make be something good to satisfy a sweet tooth or snack attack but overall nothing amazing. I would give it a 3 out of 5- not good, not bad, but not great. Anyone else tried these yet?

Alright, that's about it for me for today! If you're apart of the I AM WORTH MORE CHALLENGE, this inquiring mind wants to know- how's it goin? Have you been tempted to sneak a peek at the scale? Learning anything yet?