Sabtu, 14 Februari 2015

Day #45: Cheese-Bally"ness" & a Weigh In :)

Hey there kiddos!

Well if you'll remember last week when I weighed in I saw a no loss/no gain which I was pretty stoked about being that my monthly visitor was in town, so this morning I was a bit anxious to see what good ol' Mr. Scale would have to say...

He said Happy Valentines Day- 319!!! That's a 6lb loss!!! I'm kind of counting it as a 3lb loss for last week and 3lbs from this week since I worked out like crazy last week and only once this week (eh-snow) but whatev- I'll take it! That means that so far I have lost 33lbs :) What a great Valentines Day Present!

I think this is rock solid proof that you just can't trust the scale ALL of the time. I mean last week I worked out 5x's and ate well and saw no loss, this week I only worked out once but still ate well and saw a 6lbs loss. Crazy crazy crazy scale.

Well I'm keepin' it short and sweet b/c Sunday's are my busiest days of the week, but before I go I just wanted to share a dorky/cheese-ball moment that happened the other day that I hope despite it's cheesiness you might find somewhat inspirational! Unless you've been hiding under a rock (or perhaps haven't turned on a radio in the last 2 years) then you've probably heard Miley Cyrus' song "The Climb;" well I had heard and sang a long with this song many times but when I heard it come on the radio the other day it was the first time I had heard it since embarking on my weight loss journey and the song just took on a whole new meaning- and I think it actually think the lyrics work pretty well with this past weeks topics of the things that knock us down on our journey to health- haha alright I'm cheezin' myself out now! If you could use a little extra inspiration today, take a listen :)